Anyone falling for the "Not a Plastic Bag" craze?


Are you into the "Not A Platic Bag" craze?

  1. YES.. I have one & love it!

  2. I'd definately carry it if I could snag it for the LOW retail price

  3. I think I'd pay a pretty good amount for it on eBay, its a good message.

  4. Umm, are you crazy? I'd RATHER carry a plastic bag!

  5. Environmental messages need NOT turn into a crazy fashion trend.

  6. Huh? I'll take paper.

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  1. I know these are kinda "old news" but since they will be coming state side soon I was curious...

    One of my good friends in London told me about the whole craze trying to get this bag by Anya Hindmarch, the "Not a Plastic Bag" tote. Apparantly Kiera Knightley was photographed using it, amongst other celebrities, and now they are selling like CRAZY expensive on eBay & COMPLETELY sold out retail. They sold for only 5 pounds in the UK and they are coming state side in June.

    ANYWAY, the first time I saw it I was like "huh, why????" but it's growing on me more and more; I think it's kinda cheeky and cute, especially schlepping your stuff around on a casual day. I obvisouly wouldn't pay all that craziness on eBay for it but if you were able to grab one for it's INTENDED retail price, would ya?


    Took this picture from "My Fashion"

  2. only if i could get it in retail price...
    i'm not going to buy it for hundres of dollars just because keira wore it. i'm not a fans of her anyway LOL
  3. I love it on others, but cannot see myself investing my hard earned money for that tote.
  4. Someone is having a laugh with this 'craze'....
  5. Wasn't it intended as a grocery bag- a green alternative to using plastic bags from the store?
  6. Next year it will be on eBay for two bucks.

    No thanks.
  7. Does anyone remember the pet rock?? The guy who invented it made $$$Millions$$$$. I suspect that this is very much the same type of thing.
  8. I think I'd get one if I can get it at retail. I'd really like to use it for a grocery bag or something, that would be really cute! But there's NO WAY I'm paying the crazy prices on eBay for a canvas bag! If they're selling for 5 lbs, who knows what the cost of producing one of these is??
  9. I don't like it and would not use it as a handbag if I had it.
  10. No it's horrible! Plus Asda or somewhere is selling another batch soon, and they will become really common
  11. I think it's sad that the real message is being lost in the hype - I have carried bags like this for years - I have a couple from the Body Shop and a huge shopper from Paperchase with shoes all over it. I generally use them for grocery shopping, but if I've got a load of bits and bobs to get, then I carry one. I try not to get carrier bags when I go shopping.

  12. oh, i also had that body shop bag :love:
    i've used it to go to school, i lost it now though :sad:
  13. lol, for a low price, i'd use it to shop for sure, i think it's kinda cute hehe ;)
  14. I managed to order two from a green website selling them (at £5 each) and can't wait to get them (they should be here within a week). I am going to use them when I grocery shop, rather than take the free plastic bags.

    That is the point of the bag- it isn't supposed to be the latest handbag, it is a reusable groceries bag, to stop us all using hundreds of free plastic carriers each year, and throwing them away after one use, after which they go straight to landfill.

    I currently have a hessian shopper that I got from a farm shop that I use for this purpose, but it isn't really big enough for a decent sized load of shopping, so i end up taking platic bags too, and these anya hindmarch bags are supposed to be really roomy so should fit alot in. Furthermore, if I can combine my love of bags with a small attempt to help the environment- there can't be much wrong with that.

    The great thing about there being such a hype about the bag being desirable is that it gets the environmental message across to a wide audience, without preaching (and alienating) the audience. Also people are more likely to get into using the bag at the supermarket, if they want to be seen carrying it.

    Who knows, in afew years we might all look back horrified at the the way we used to use new plastic bags every time we did our grocery shopping, only to chuck them in the bin after. This is hopefully a step in that direction. x
  15. I recycle my plastic grocery bags. I use them (clean ones only, never wet ones or any that held meat or wet groceries) to stuff some of my slouchier handbags when not in use. They are soft and pliable and work better than tissue and are a lot cheaper!