anyone experiencing defects with Tamasin?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else had problems with the Tamasin bag? I have a horrible defect on mine (shipped straight from the factory during the SS sale). I just opened it 2 weeks ago and I noticed today that on each side, one handle lost it's stud! I am pretty shocked. This obviously renders both handles useless. I have contacted the company and I am awaiting a reply, but the sale rules are no returns so I am not expecting a miracle. I would like to know, though, if there are other quality issues I should be aware of. I bought a lot of stuff!:cursing:
  2. slegg, since the bag was defective, I'm sure they'll assist you, regardless of what the policy was. They stand by their product.

    But thanks for posting!
  3. slegg they took care of an item from the SS Sale for me w/ a less obvious defect so I'm sure it will be no problem.
  4. I had a problem with a final sale bag and they let me exchange it. I agree with the others, I'm sure they'll help you out!
  5. well, i am glad to hear it, but still no response from customer service:sad:
  6. oh no! did you call or email? i assume email b/c of your location....
  7. Hi, I just bought a Blueberry/Bordeaux(?) Tamasin, and just received it today. Is the leather supposed to be somewhat thin? It feels kind of thin, and the texture feels almost like PVC. The leather strap, however, feels and smells like real leather. Just wondering if this is how it is meant to be.

    Slegg, which stud are you talking about that fell off? I'm considering returning the bag if I'm not in love with it right now and the fact that it might have some quality issues later on down the road.
  8. i wouldnt say that mine was like pvc, but hte leather was surprisingly thin.
  9. I had the turnlock closure break off from my BZ wallet. I had bought the wallet as a SS buy for $55. They won't accept such as a return for a refund. What they will do is give you a number to send it back for repairs, which they do without charge. Once you have this RMA#, you can go onsite and print a UPS label (at their cost). If it is a defect that can be repaired, they will do so.

    They are just not accepting "returns" of last discount items because of the number of returns they would get for no other reason than "changed my mind" or "it wasn't me". I can understand why they need to cover themselves on this. The purpose of such a deep discount is to move out old inventory. But, they will service missing studs and broken closures. If they have not contacted you, it is because they are under pressure dealing with this current sale.
  10. The leather is not "thin" on the Tamasin and on the Sloane - just different. Both the bordeaux and blueberry leathers are lamb leather. Just like a lamb leather jacket, they are lighter in weight but strong and pliable. Lamb leathers are usually reserved for more expensive garments and bags.

    Before you decide that lamb leather is too "PVC", you might need to know that lamb leather generally does receive an oiling process when tanning it. Which gives it a more polished appearance in the finished article. However, because of this treatment, it is a leather that takes a rainy day much better than the cow leathers. And, rather than wearing out, it will develop a natural "Patina" and grow more beautiful each passing year. I personally like lamb leather because it provides a strong bag, which is still light in weight (for its size).

    The other bags, such as the havana, are made from Brazilian cow leather which is a coarser leather. They may be "thicker" in appearance, but cow leather is a more porous leather. Which is why they need leather treatments to take on bad weather. Also, cow leather is generally chosen for its "character" marks - patches, striations and such - that comes naturally in the leather. Lamb leather is primarily free of markings, a smooth surface and takes color dyes more intensely. All which may cause an individual to see it as PVC-ish, if she leans toward the characteristics of cow leather.

    Both are quality leathers. You may just be more familiar and comfortable with the cow leathers.
  11. RM, this post totally rocks! Awesome info about leathers! Thanks:tup:
  12. :goodpost: thanks!
  13. RealMcCoy, Thanks for sharing a bit of leather learning!
  14. RealMcCoy -- thanks for posting! That's really good info that I didn't know before.
  15. slegg, thank you for the heads up!! I used my Tamasin (blueberry & bordeaux) for the first time this past weekend on a trip, and because of your note, I kept an eye on my handles. All seemed to be well, but on my return flight home, I noticed a stud and its backing on one handle was loose and popping right out! How frustrating. I'm torn between contacting HH and just superglueing it back together. I wonder how well all of my handles are fastened altogether if this happens the third time I carry this bag :confused1: