Anyone experience this before?

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  1. So, I purchased three pairs of jeans from a good feedback seller. I paid for Express Mail International which is tracking and is 3 to 5 days.

    I was tracking the tracking number and it was working fine. Last status was "PROCESSED" in PA. When I went to track it yesterday morning, the whole status is gone. There's no such record. Whats happening?

    I emailed and they told me that I've to get the seller to call them, and so I emailed her on Sunday. It's Tuesday now and no reply! DH told me to file a dispute with paypal but I dont want to do it yet as I'm not sure its their fault.

    Anyone know whats happening?
  2. USPS "tracking" makes me cringe. Wish I had advice for ya! I never buy anything out of the US.
  3. USPS doesn't have "tracking", they have delivery confirmation and sometimes you are lucky and they scan it along the way.

    When you put in the DC# there should be a link under it that says "additional info". You should be able to click on that and see where the package is. If it is still in route, it will show you the last place it was at.
  4. the delivery confirmation was "processed" and than the next day, it shows as no such record.. any idea?
  5. ^it is possible that the label was cancelled. This can happen and it is done either by the seller or the usps. Sometimes USPS cancels the online labels after the item has been dropped off. Sellers may "think" all is good, labels are paid for, printed, and everything is fine, then after we drop off the item, we find out the label got cancelled by the USPS (a little late on their part) due to some unknown reason but usually something glitchy in their system. Not sellers fault at all. It never ever makes any sense. The USPS charge credit cards or pull money out of banks, and then determine something was glitchy along the way and "reverse" the transaction and cancel the label. Wait for the seller to respond.
  6. hmm, thanks ^^
  7. USPS label tracking numbers are not real realiable. If it was processed, then I would think its on its way. Call your local USPS and tell them the number and tell them the situation. They are usually very helpful especially when it disappears off radar.
    My packages have shipped OUT OF COUNTRY and were NEVER SCANNED, now how does that happen?????
    No delivery confirmation on at least 8 items which have been delivered but look as if the label was created but nothing has ever scanned.
    If no one responds to an email though, cover your behind at least, you can always cancel a complaint.:tup: