Anyone exchange a speedy 30 for 35 ?

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  1. I just got a 35 I had the 30.I like big bags,but I need feedback on how you feel about the size,I liked the 30,felt i could pack a 35 too.Am I crazy I have bags that are big too,maybe its the shape.Anyway I am hoping to get the Damier in the 30 too.But the mono comes in35 and thats what got me.It is only 2 Inches bigger!!!!So how do those who made the switch feel?Sorry if this is a stupid question!!!Thank you!!:shame:
  2. hey! i like the 35! i think its perfect for in between the 30 and 40! it has that little "chicness" to it---- soooo many 30's... so if u rock the 35 then keep it! i think it'll be good.
  3. I love the 35! Think it is a great twist on the classic speedy 30. Enjoy!
  4. I love the 35. If you think you're crazy, don't. I actually have the 30 and the 35 ,and they are both in the mono. It doesn't seem like a lot but when you have heavier things, or when you are packing a lot the extra inches really help.
  5. It is great to hear from somebody who has both the 30 and 35. I have the 35. It is currently my only Speedy. But I do think about getting another mono, a smaller one. I love the 35 and I agree that it has a very chic look to it. I always think about the second Speedy and whether to go for a 25 or 30. Sometimes I think that the 25 would give me two very different looks and purposes. But the 30 is classic..... so I am not sure. Is there enough of a difference between the 30 and 35?:confused1:
  6. Here are two comparison pictures of a Damier 30 and Mono 35. Hope it helps! :yes:
    DSC03817.JPG DSC03818.JPG
  7. The 35 DOES make a big difference, believe it or not.

    I'm allllll for a 35. It's my favorite of all of my Louis'.
  8. i had the 30 i'd get the 35
  9. hmmm, becos i'm a big girl. i like bigger bag.. so i would prefer a 35. :smile:
  10. Thanks so much everyone!! Keep sharing the opinions please!!!!:tup:
  11. I have the 35 (my only speedy) and I love it. I guess I'm on the small size (5"3 119lbs) but don't feel overwhelmed by it. I use it as my diaper/mommy bag. Added bonus is you won't see too many of them around.
  12. Well I love my bag and thank you guys again I feel better and thanks for the pics also it helped alot,This is a great site:smile:And thanks for not thinking I am crazy:shame:!
  13. i think theres a big dif, i love the 35 go with ur heart though... keep in mind if u change ur mind u can exchange
  14. I like the Speedy 35 very much. All the smaller Speedies aren't good to open, what I hate. The 35 is comfortable.
  15. I sold my 30 to get a 35. I love my 35, its my favorite bag.