Anyone ever written a check at LV?

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  1. I have had such weird experiences writing checks at LV and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem/knows why it happens?? At least twice I have tried to write a personal check at LV...with more than enough funds, and the check doesn't go through!! It is SO annoying! I know it isn't the bank, its the LV check verification service..I don't get it at all! It was sooo frustrating. I guess from now on it is credit or cash..anyone else with a simillar issue?! :confused1:
  2. My mom does a lot and hasn't had a problem. I wonder why your store does? Have they tried to put it through manually? Sometimes (and I'm not blaming anyone here) stores would rather not deal with checks so they "accidentally on purpose" make it so the check doesn't go through even though they are more than able to manually enter the info.
    My mom has had it happen at places like Macy's where they said the check wouldn't go through and she had to use a CC instead. So she called when she got home and they told her that the person making the sale could have entered all necessary info manually, it just takes a little longer.
  3. I'm kinda suprised that people still write check- didn't even know you could do that at LV! I saw that they accepted checks at an Izod outlet and I was shocked at that :P
  4. i do and never had any problems. it's sometimes check, CC or debit card for me when buying LV.
  5. i just wrote a check recently and didn't have problems but they do have to manually call to verify or something if it's a large amount. i can imagine how the extra work may make some LV cashiers just "say" it's not going thru and have you swipe a card instead.
  6. I had one not go through at LV once. They had to call and verify with their check cashing company. Then tried to tell me I had insuffecient funds. Which was BS as there's was plenty in the bank. I wound up using my debit card for the same bank account and it went through fine. The SA said if the number is sometimes too low or if you've had the bank account less than a year that their check system will sometimes not accept the check.
  7. I think the only place I ever write a check is to my dry cleaners!!! I am a slave to me debit card.
  8. hahaha good call---yessss, i am guilty of not having a debit card for my bank account with my savings in would be too easy for me to access! :smile:
  9. k, what happens is a lot of stores use telecheck or other check verification services to approve checks, and when those systems are down, they decline the check even tho you have more than enough funds in your account. (i work for a bank - we get asked this A LOT lol) it's a pain in the butt but it's not the banks fault at all.. just the check verification system..
  10. When I used to write a lot of checks back in the day, they sometimes wouldn't go through... they said that the reason it couldn't go through was because my check was too thick? :shrugs:
  11. ^^^I had the same problem John! Something about the paper the check was printed on.

    I only send checks in the mail to pay for bills. I don't even carry my checkbook around. I use a debit card that comes from my savings account instead, faster, less space, and no need to constantly buy checks. I think paper checks will be obsolete soon, esp, with everyone doing banking online.
  12. Lol my mom says she will fight to the death and keep using checks for as long as she can. She hates the idea that one card will be used for everything. She has a debit card but does NOT like to use them and hates when people hassle her for it. But really, it's still just as good as a debit card, the money is still there, just not automatically. I think as long as people want to pay with checks they should be able to, heck, I even get a lot of checks for ebay payments and I don't get annoyed by it. I've never had a bad one yet.
    And speaking from experience, I bank online but I've only used my debit card ONCE and that was at LV, otherwise it's cash or CC. I refuse to put my PIN number in any of those machines, I don't care how safe they say your info is in there.
  13. ^^My Dad is the same way!!! Now that's he's older, it takes FOREVER for him to write a check, but he insists on still writing them. He just doesn't want to use the debit card for everything. My sweet daddy...:P
  14. Some businesses now use that Check Company that withdraws the amt. right then and there. They give you your check back as a cancelled check.

    I don't mind using them, just a hassel to carry them around and I am afraid of losing them. I don't balance my check book either--or my debit card for that matter. I am hopeless when it comes to money management! LOL
  15. LOL I didn't think people still wrote out checks!!!!