Anyone Ever Worked for Anthropologie?

  1. I was wondering if any of you ladies had ever worked for anthropologie or had interviewed with them. I'm going to a "group interview" next Tuesday and I would love some advice on what to wear and more especially, what questions they'll specifically ask. I used to work at hollister (awful) and was hired after going through a group interview where I basically wore their "uniform" (ripped jeans, flip flops and a cami) and acted really bubbly, friendly, and upbeat. I'm assuming I should go to this interview wearing clothes from anthropologie, right? I was also wondering what their hourly wage is and what people's experience was like working for them (whether they enjoyed it or not). Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I remember hearing somewhere that an activity they have you do is find a party outfit for a mid-20's person with a budget of 100$. I wish I could remember more!

    Good luck!
  3. there is a regular here that worked at anthro...i think it's Suli...

    i don't think you can put together ANY outfit at anthropologie for $100...
  4. Even though this is old i'm going to bump this up because I am in the same situation right now. Any comments to the original post about anthropologie?
  5. Has anyone done a group interview for anthropologie and if so what are some outfit ideas and how was the interview.
  6. I always though it would be fun but then I a friend of mine pointed out to me that the music they play in the store is NOT my taste lol. Good luck and keep us updated. I am sure you will knock'em dead.
  7. Hey there!

    I worked at Anthro several years ago. I think the group interview thing is new within the last few years. All I had to do was fill out an application, hand it to the manager, and got called back to speak with the manager directly. It did not seem like a big deal, but I also think they recognized me as a regular shopper there. At the time, I was fresh out of college, had just moved to DC, working on the Hill for a barely livable wage, and thought it was fun to work at Anthro part-time to meet new people and obviously take advantage of the discount.

    All I can say is, be yourself, and it would be a good idea to try and wear something more current from the store. I would imagine that they would tell you about their ideal Anthro shopper (at the time, it was the educated and worldly woman). They may role play just to see how you'd react in the store.

    And yes, it would be extremely difficult to put together an outfit of less than $100 unless it was all from the sale room.

    Good luck! :smile:
  8. Oh yes, good luck!!!

    I always wonder about what it would be like to work there!
  9. Good luck on your interview ~ I saw so many cute things in their latest catalog!!!
  10. i just got hired as a manager for there free people brand def try to wear something of theres and try to do some research about the company and the store interviews are alot easier then solo try to answer alot of questions u wanna stick out of the group that ur gonna be interviewing with
  11. :heart: Anthropologie stores are the happiest places on the planet - everything there seems made just for me; I would like to have one that I could live in - like a big loft with closet space all over :heart:
  12. good luck! It'll be easier than you think, I've sat thru sooooo many group interviews for Abercrombie....the good ones always stick out.
  13. Anthropologie takes pride in the individual nature of its stores--basically, they like to think of themselves as a collection of monster boutiques, with individual store managers having the power to make decisions that differentiate the individual stores. That's why you'll find different stock/supply/etc. and also different decor.

    You'll find no plan-o-graming at the store, and that's by design.

    In a nutshell, the chain is "different."
    And I love them.
  14. I know I'm late to this post, but... if you haven't already interviewed with them by now, I definitely am with the person who said to read up on the company. You'll love what they're 'all about'....make sure you KNOW what they're all about before you go on the interview. If they see that you realize all they promote and are involved in, you'll stand out. They'll ask questions like, "Who would you say shops at Anthropoligie?" wanting to know the age and style and type of woman. They will give you hypothetical work situations and will want to know how you would respond. So, think about those things, and you'll be fine. You absolutely don't have to wear their clothes, but do dress trendy (upper tier of trendy, no dressing down!) Cute top, pants are acceptable (no jeans), heels. Trendy business casual, so to speak. Be confident, be friendly, don't talk too much or too little, answer questions concisely and confidently, and you'll do great! Good luck!
  15. Hi. This is kind of a follow-up to the original question. I've gone through the group interview and have been asked to complete an online opinion survey as the next step in the interview process. Just wondering what to expect. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!