Anyone ever worked at an art gallery before?

  1. I would love to hear about your experiences. Thank you, you ladies are my "network!" :yes:
  2. Yes! What sort of thing are you curious about?
  3. Hi Melisande!!

    How did you get the job? What did it entail? Thanks, girl! Good to see you, I feel like we haven't "bumped into one another" much on the boards lately.
  4. Hi -- yes we seem to just miss each other!

    Well. I got the job by interviewing (it was one of those internship things -- paid internship, requiring an interview) -- I started out as an intern first, and then the Gallery received a grant of money and they offered me a series of term contracts.

    I did a few different things. I ordered and catalogued a whole series of Mail Art by an artist group collective -- this was mainly a research job but it involved a lot of work with original materials. Also, I worked in curatorial (European Painting), cleaning up the exhibition history files and creating a sort of online reference for those files.

    Finally, I worked in the archives -- the collections there include original works of art, and also artist letters, and funny bits of memorabilia like the artist's graduation gowns and things like that. Much of the material hadn't been researched -- no provenance work finished, etc. So I did that, and also created finding aids for the archives. Kind of browsed around in the collections and enjoyed handling them. Original letters by Monet, and things like that!

    Anyway! Hope that sort of helps?
  5. I also developed a very small exhibition of artist bookplates (bookplates designed by artists) -- an archival collection.