Anyone ever wear out a Hermes bag?

  1. Ok, I know, this is a silly question. My oldest birkin bag, which is over five years old, came back from its cleaning/polishing at Hermes. While it clearly looks better, its VERY slouchy, and the color has faded. I am tempted to try to buy a new one to replace it. Has this every happened to anyone? Do any of you have "beater" birkins you have worn out, that you carry on, uh, those slushy days in Alaska ? (joke - I couldnt resist)
  2. I really try to vary which birkin or kelly I use...but I looked carefully at my black swift birkin today and gosh it does appear to need a little polishing! It's not scratched, but one whole side from top to bottom looks rubbed. Eek!
  3. What leather and color is your Birkin?

    My Birkin is 2 years old and still looks brand new. It hasn't even been to the spa. The only wear is scratching on the hardware because like an idiot I left the straps on the guides and the guides really did a number on them.
  5. I keep hearing that they can add dye to rubbed corners, etc. during a cleaning...but I wonder if you can spruce it up yourself or if you asked, would they redye the entire bag? Perhaps anything is possible. When I asked to replace handles, they acted shocked, but they did it when I said I didn't care it would be around 1500.
  6. Wow, what leather and color is yours, gazoo? Do you wear her often?
  7. I've seen plenty of crappy Kellys and Birkins out there. Lighter colors show wear faster, and since they're leather and not titanium, they'll wear as much as something that cost $100. That's the great equalizer I suppose.
  8. Mine is black togo. Still looks dark as new. I use her pretty frequently but admit that I am very careful with her.
  9. Can you post photos of your bag so we can see the wear/tear?
  10. Yes - I will try my hand at the digital camera tomorrow.

    Its not that bad, but it definately looks lighter than when it was new.
  11. I am being completely honest when I say that some day I'd like to see some of my H bags looking worn out! I would then know that I got my $$$s worth out of it and nothing would make me feel happier!:nuts:
  12. Amen to that! [​IMG]
  13. I've got Togo Birkins in Gold and Black. The Gold is a few years old and looks better than when it was brand new because it's acquired some patina and has softened up a bit (but isn't slouchy). The Black is a couple of years old and has also softened up without being slouchy. Both look fabulous. I'd brought the Gold into Hermes Madison for spa treatment just because it was a few years old and it was rejected because Claude thought it looked great as is.
  14. I've got a BJ Birkin, and it's in good shape. Mine's only a year old and I use it almost every day (with a few exceptions), but it's held up very well. I've mangled LV bags in a very short time, but not my Birkin (so far...)

  15. I think it's so cool that Claude would refuse to clean a bag that didn't need it! :yes: