Anyone ever use this???

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  2. Someone's had to have bought this before, right???
  3. Pick me. Pick me. LOL I just bought this stuff yesterday. I have not tried it out yet though because the day before, I applied Fake Bake so I am letting it fade a bit. I am going to try it early next week. I didn't get the spray gun, but I got the $58 Face and Body one. I am expecting great results with it.

    I use all the other products from this company and they all do what they promise. From the mascara to the lip plump and the face bronzer. I get a lot of compliments from men how they love my lips and eyes when I use this stuff. To me, well worth the price.

    I am also going to try the "LiftFusion" since now they have a smaller bottle to try it out before I buy.

    I promise to get back to you on when I apply it. :yes:
  4. Let me bump this for ya! Haven't used a self tanner ever.
  5. You know that if you buy it from Sephora and don't like it, you'll get 100% refund with receipt and no hassles. Worth the risk, no?
  6. It's worth it. I was just wondering to see if anyone bought it and liked it, or if anyone has horror stories that it made their skin turn orange or stained their clothes that I should know before I buy it.