Anyone ever try benefits benetint???

  1. i have been curious to try this product but i am apprehensive about it because it has a nail polish brush & i dont know that i would want to put it on my lips but i am wanting it for my cheeks i am really pale & want to try a flushed look but not sure what would work for me
    thanks ladies!!!:yahoo:
  2. Oooo, I just got a free trial of it today at sephora!! I'm going to try it tomorrow and I will let you know!
  3. It's fantastic! I love it! At first it does take a little bit of time to get used to the brush and to figure out a technique that really works for you, but once you do, it works really well.

    I have the liquid version in the bottle, and I've found that they best thing for me is to just forgo the brush all together and use my finger to apply it. I get a little on my finger and then do little "dots" along the apple of my cheeks, usually three of them and then just start to blend them using my fingers. It does take a little bit of practice, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Hope that helps!
  4. Many many many years ago, a makeup artist in London put it on my cheeks. I thought it was pretty neat although it would definitely take some getting used-to in terms of application technique. Apparently a little goes a long way though. I also wouldn't want to apply it on my lips, seems kind of icky.
  5. I love the color on my lips! I've tried it on as blush but it just makes me look like a clown.

    On my lips it's a nice, sheer, pinky color. If you don't like using the brush, just dot Benetint on your fingers and use it like that. Try some at Sephora!
  6. Sorry, I am not a fan of Benetint. I used it a long time ago when it first came out, but I wasn't happy with its scent or lasting power.
    I swear by Vincent Longo lip tints. Lasts longer and it is more blendable on my lips than Benetint. On cheeks, if you like the flushed look of the tints, I'd suggest Tarte "Blushing Bride".
  7. I use the lip stuff ad its great! Im anemic so my lips are always so pail, and lipstick rubs off. This gives them such a natural healthy glow-- HIGHLY reccomend!
  8. I use on both my cheeks and lips, and in a pinch sometimes the lids of my eyes for a bit of colour. I've heard some people say it's not worth it but I disagree! The colour's pretty and natural and it stays on. I went paintballing with it on my cheeks and it stayed on!
  9. A lot of people really like it and I can see why, but the scent was a turn-off for me. As I remember it was very rosey smelling.
  10. I love it but I can't really use it as I have blemishes on my face which require tons of concealer so putting benetint on washes off the concealer.
  11. I like it. It gives a healthy flushed look. If you put a lil bit of benefit highbeam over the top of it you look glowey and healthy flushed all at once! lol

    I put three small brush strokes side by side down the apples of my cheeks and blend it in of an X shape then blend. If it isnt dark enough then i just use tiny tiny amounts to build the colour. I find the colour lasts long.

    I have not tried it on my lips though.
  12. I LOVE benetint. It's the only thing I use now for my lips. Vincent Longo was recommended but gave me hives so no thank you. I prefer powder blush for my cheeks, but if you want something for your cheeks, I second the Tarte Cheek stains. They gave a ton of them and Blushing Bride would give you a great blush. Also, if you can find any of the Pout sticks for the cheek, they also have fab lasting power (line was discontinued)
  13. Ive been staring at the little sample I got at sephora for a few days now. Im so curious to try it but i have NO idea how to apply it!! It seems to work best for you ladies just skipping the brush all together it seems, maybe i'll get enough guts and try it tomorrow :sweatdrop:
  14. LOVE this stuff! Don't be scared of the brush! I'm pretty fair skinned, so for my cheeks, I always used three dots and using my fingers, just kind of rubbed in a circle and swept up. It gave me a gorgeous, healthy flush. For my lips, I would just use the brush and paint a line in the middle of my bottom lip and then rub my lips together. Then I would put a clear gloss on top. Now they have a "Pocket Pal" which has the Benetint on one side of a lip gloss "stick" and a clear gloss on the other. I want to get that, it's perfect to put in your purse to take with you. I actually loved the smell of the Benetint, I thought it was very delicate.
  15. Try Sonia Kashuk's cheek and lip tint from Target, or the one from the Body Shop. Less pricey and does the same thing.