Anyone ever tried Neutrogena foundation?

  1. I'm bouncing between the Healthy Skin and the Healthy Glow/Natural Glow/something like that foundation?

    Which one or neither?
  2. I use the healthy skin enhancer - and for me it works great! It has the light coverage I want, with spf 20 and retinol added. I don't like the pancake-y foundations/powders most companies make.
  3. I use this - I used to have really sensitive skin growing up, and this stuff was the only stuff I could use. It's wonderful :tup:
  4. I don't use foundation so I haven't tried it, but I do wear Neutrogena blush every day and it's wonderful. My skin tends to break out and get oily, but the blush doesn't bother it.
  5. i also use this and i love it! its so light but yet it gives me the slight coverage i need!