Anyone ever traveled to Puerto Rico?

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  1. I have decided this year I want to go to Puerto Rico for my birthday trip. We are going to stay at Isla Verde Beach which is within 10 minutes of old San Juan. I am terrified to travel outside of the safety of the US and this is about as tropical as we could get :P

    Anyone ever been? Any recommendations for me on things to do or see?
  2. i went to san juan for 5 days with the BF last year for my birthday and stayed at the caribe hilton. it is absolutely beautiful. the beaches are gorgeous, and i loved old san juan. Since we were only there for 5 days, we only went sightseeing for a day, but got a good taste of the area. def visit one of the old forts on the ocean. i have some of my favorite photos of the scenery there. they were just amazing, and theres some really good shopping there too (coach, burberry, etc outlet stores).

    have fun there!
  3. It's been a few years since I was in PR but I really enjoyed my trip there. I was there for a family reunion and was able to meet many members of my mom's side of the family for the first time. I was the only one that didn't speak Spanish but it really isn't necessary anyway in the tourist areas. I second the ideas of going to Old San Juan for the forts and shopping. I'm not a beach person so I skipped the beach outing but from what I could in the car the beaches were really nice. I would also suggest going to the Bacardi factory if you're a fan (I wouldn't say it's a must do but you get free samples and the prices in the gift shop seemed to be good) and if you have access to a car or tour guide El Yunque rain forest is really nice. I think it's the only rain forest in the U.S. park service or something like that, but it's not really near central San Juan so it would take up most of the day.

    Enjoy your trip!
  4. When I went in college, everyone went to Senor Frog's. (Not sure if you like the party/clubbing scene or not!)

    Old San Juan is gorgeous, so definitely stop by! The Bacardi factory is also fun/interesting; they sell some flavors/types that you can't really find in the U.S.

    Have fun!! :heart: