Anyone ever take any "art-sy" pics of your LV?

  1. just wondering...sometimes i try to....idk why....but maybe some of you have some sweet B&Ws or photoshop pics???

    heres my kinda sorta pic..and the second one is hello kitty but i thought it was i posted it anyways.(well you can see a speedy in the distance)

  2. Great pics!!! love the first one!:tup:
  3. Cool! For a sec I thought the first pic was a black denim speedy!! lol :smile:
  4. Lol I just inverted the colors on this..the colorful trunks bandeau in black.
  5. lol i have to start taking better ones...usually its just when im bored or whatever..i only have paint so i cant do any of the sweet photoshop ones
  6. LVoeLV: Your cat is soooooo adorable!!! S/he seems to be thinking about something... (perhaps like "when's mama going to feed me?") LOL
  7. love your ideas!!! those photos are really great!!! thanks for sharing
  8. i dont know if these are arty, but i LUV them :biggrin:
  9. Love those pics!!
  10. You've got such a cute kitty, I love that pic!

    Just as Suzanne's picture with the Speedy in front of the Eiffel tower - looks really amazing!
  11. My damier speedy in the NYNY in Las Vegas ;)

  12. Love the pics!!!! The first one would be a cool black/grey speedy IRL! I'd buy it!!
  13. nice pics guys! great shot in front of the eiffel tower!!!

    and yes...thats my rescue kitty! Someone tried to bring him in to put him to sleep at 5 months! hes a good boy, i have 3 other cats as well. and 3 dogs. lol. (all little dogs though)
  14. Aww the cat is sooo cute! And I love the speedy under the eiffel tower!
  15. Great pics!