Anyone ever sprained their ankle?

  1. I sprained my ankle on 1/3 when I missed a step and fell flat on my face! At first I just figurered after a few days I'd be ok after using crutches off and on. Maybe I should of babied it more as I still use them. Also the last couple of nights had to take something as I was so achy. I'm tired of hopping around. Now that the new year is here I can't even exercise! I'm bumming. Just wondering how others have dealt w/this and how long this is going to last?
  2. Have you seen the doctor? I thought I sprained my ankle and as it turned out, I fractured it. It took a LONG time to heal -- about 2 months. And I was put in a cast. If your insurance covers it, I highly recommend physical therapy afterward to combat future weakness. Good luck!
  3. oh, you're talking to the queen of sprained ankles. i think i sprain my at least twice a year.

    i end up hobbling around for about two days. and after that, all i need is a good ankle brace and i'm good to go. BUT, i'm always careful for a few weeks because i have very weak ankles- so i avoid doing lots of running/jogging that might aggrevate my ankle.

    i would say ice it and elevate it when you're home. and i've found even wrapping an ace bandage does wonders (and makes me slghtly less afraid of another injury).

    feel better!
  4. i am the princess of klutzy (i inherited it from my mom...she's the queen :queen:) i've lost track of the number of sprains i've had over the years. the best thing you can do is stay COMPLETELY off of it and keep it elevated (at least three couch or bed pillows), wrapped in an ace bandage (tightly, but not enough to make it tingle or numb) and iced for the first 2 days. on your butt, on the couch, no moving, no excuses. take advil (they've given me 800 mg in the ER so that's what i take, but you might want to talk to your dr about that) to keep the swelling and pain down. after that, i can usually walk on it ok as long as i'm wearing tennis shoes (the lacing gives you more support and keeps the swelling down)

    even though it's been a couple days already, try staying off of it and keeping it elevated and iced as much as humanly possible. the more you hop around, the longer it's going to take to heal. most sprains completely go away within a week if you're not aggrevating them. but the more you walk on it (especially with a modified gait ie limping) the more likely you are to reinjure or retear the healing tissue.

    if it doesn't feel better within a week, go see a doctor. you might have a hairline fracture or torn ligament. i hope you feel better soon!
  5. ankle sprains are one of the worst orthopaedic injuries you can have (besides dislocating a knee, which i have also done). i've sprained my right one an innumberable amount of times (it's probably in the dozens) over the past 8 years, starting with a grade 3 (the most severe) high ankle sprain (when your foot turns to the outside instead of inward, like in most sprains) when i was playing soccer in 8th grade. my ligaments and tendons are completely useless and my ankle now comes out of joint at will and i have to manually pop it back in (no high heels for amanda).

    as far as caring for the injury, i'd recommend compression (an ace bandage or air cast) and intermitent icing (to reduce swelling). take some motrin (it's particularly effective in reducing joint pain) and stay off of it as much as you can. also, keep it elevated above your heart if you're just sitting around, at work, etc.

    i never used crutches (i'm a stubborn b*tch) but i went to one of those doc-in-a-box places and they put me in a half-cast, which is like a regular cast for a broken bone, but instead of being all the way around, it starts underneath your toes and runs up the back of my leg to the back of my knee and is held on with two ace bandages. it keeps the ankle immobile while the internal structure heals and allows you to not wear a shoe (your sprain may not be serious enough for this - most require only an ace bandage or air cast).

    sprains of all kinds heal very slowly, and usually never return to their original strength - it will always be easier to sprain your hurt ankle than the other one. in my exprience, two weeks of pain is not abnormal, but my sprains were VERY bad. you might want to see a doctor if it persists much longer, since you may have chipped a bone, have a hairline fracture, etc.

    best of luck! stay off of it as much as humanly possible, i hope it heals quickly.
  6. ooh i'm SO glad i'm not the only one!
  7. The last time I "sprained" my ankle is when I was crossing the street, saw a car coming, tried to make a run for it, slipped on the ice and fell. Noone came to my rescue, the doofus in the car just drove around me. I was so embarrassed, I limped home. I was in pain for a week until my dad forced me to go to emergency. Turned out I had a hairline fracture! It also turned out that it took longer to heal than actually breaking the bone!

    Moral of the story? Go see your doctor so you don't have to suffer with the agonizing pain, and so you don't make it worse.
  8. This had happened 10:00 pm and the next day I went to work. I ended up leaving at noon and went to a walk in place. They did xrays and it wasn't broken. Today I promised myself to rest. Yesterday I hopped around dusting, etc.Yes I can relate to you caliprincess. The people that just walk around you is unbelievable. I went to the drug store with hubby and we split up. I couldn't carry cards,magazines w/the crutches so I yelled out for him. Finally I just threw crutches and cards on the floor and was looking for cell phone and this woman just walked around me - not are you ok? Then at work heading for the doors there was a bunch of younger guys sitting there and no one got up to open it. One guy muttered to the other "aren't you gonna open the door for her?" Plus now I see places that to me are not handicap accessible. Not that I'm really handicapped but especially where I work... theres a heavy door every 2 feet. I have to keep putting crutches down to hop and open the door. What a pain this is - Just venting, thanks!
  9. MBT shoes help a lot. I've been dealing with a sprained ankle for ages now and these shoes take a lot of the pressure off because they keep your foot still but allow you to walk (it's the curved sole that's wonderful!). You can get them on Zappos and on
  10. Thank you Amina. I'll check them out. Can't wait to hit the track.
  11. Just wondering now... its been over 2 weeks. I've been using crutches and babying foot. Now, looks like swelling and brusiing gone. My ? is do I keep babying it w/crutches or try to walk on it? The other day @ work when I walked using crutches into our weekly meeting a woman made a comment, you still on those things, you didn't break it did you?, someone else "yes, it seem a long time you've been on those things. My reply - yes and it might be a while longer". They made me feel like I was milkiing this. I don't know if I should go back to dr ($50) just for him to say its ok or what? The only thing that bothers me is if I am on it too much, at night my toes tingle and bottom burns.
  12. I've sprained my right ankle a countless number of times! I've never seen a doc about it, but I probably should have. My right ankle is now bigger than the other (looks slightly swollen) and is very prone to being sprained again and again.
  13. I have sprained both ankles so many is sprained more often than the other and is not just naturally bigger.

    Once you can walk on it, do some strength and resistance training excersises to rebuild the muscles. Another good test to see if you can handle rehabing it is to stand on the bad foot for 30 seconds. Talk to your doc and see what they recomend. I usually use a rubber band for resistance training and then the balance board.
  14. Hi. Look on line foir sprained ankle exercises. I did each of my ankles once. The first time, I got a sprained ankle kit but I was bad & never did use it. The second time I went to Physical Therapy. That helped alot.
  15. Nope never had a sprained ankle so I am useless!!