Anyone ever snub someone carrying a counterfeit Coach?

  1. I was just wondering, do you ever turn your nose up at someone who is carrying a hideous FAKE Coach bag? Whether intentional or not? Am I a horrible person, I find myself doing that (not in my character), I will actually give the person a dirty look if I am positive the bag is fake and have to bite my tongue not to say something. Sometimes I don't know if I am being snobbish, or when I hold my authentic bag a little higher, just being proud of myself and my accomplishments. I don't know, it is almost like they are trying to look like they have come farther in life than they really have. I actually look down at them (I can't help it, am I a bad person) for being fake themselves, like they are trying to be something that they aren't.

    I have seen counterfeits at the second-hand store, one time I pointed it out, and someone said, "I think I will buy it, I can't afford a real one!" IMHO, I think if you either can't afford a real Coach or can't discipline yourself to save your money for a real Coach, you shouldn't have one. Same with any other knock-off bag. You don't have to be rich to buy a real Coach bag, just smart and able to budget yourself to enjoy a treat once in a while.
  2. i feel bad sometimes when i see people with fakes because a lot of them don't know they are fake :sad:
  3. If i'm out with my boyfriend, i'll say something after the person walks past us, but I would never just give someone a dirty look. Some people just don't realize what they're carrying.

    However, I have no issue giving dirty looks to the fake bag kiosk at the mall!
  4. That is why I would never say anything, because people don't always know they are fakes. I don't give really bad looks, I know that otherwise my DH would kick my butt, but I do catch myself raising an eyebrow or maybe rolling my eyes, but I don't think anyone notices but me, so I might be feeling guilty for no reason. I do just want to tap them on the shoulder and ask, "Do you know..." though I never would.

    I DO get rather tired of being asked, "Is that real?" though. I know if you ask someone with a counterfeit that question, they always say yes too, whether they know it or not.

    I have reported stores that sell counterfeits to the authorities.
  5. Uhm... no. I do not agree with the manufacturing, selling or purchasing of counterfeit handbags but I would never snub my nose at someone who was carrying one. IMO, I don't think the kind of bag you wear represents anything except your style. For the most part, I don't think it has anything to do with one's accomplishments, discipline or economic status. I personally know several wealthy women who take an annual trip to Chicago every year to buy "the good" fake bags. These are women who don't work and who volunteer for many community services and activities and who donate money to various charities. Should I look down on these women?

    Most people have no idea what the counterfeiting industry supports and, even if you tell them, they don't believe you. Most think you are being an extremist and they cannot fathom how one person buying a fake bag could possibly support drugs, terrorism and/or child labor. Whenever someone I know and care about is carrying a fake bag I let them know that it's fake and I tell them what their bag represents. I usually add that the cost of five fakes could equal one authentic bag and that the one authentic bag would far outlast the five fakes. I do this in a nonjudgmental tone and I have never ever said it more than once to any person. I feel that I have an obligation to make them aware, what they do with the information I give them is not my business. I would never approach a stranger about a fake. I have to believe that 99% of people who carry fakes know they are carrying a fake. They don't need me or anyone else to point it out to them. "Hey, do you know that your bag is a fake?" accomplishes nothing. They will have learned nothing from it and they'll just think that the person who pointed it out is a self-righteous *****.

    I have met all kinds of people in my life and I have learned to not judge people until you walk a mile in their shoes. It can be really hard sometimes and there are definitely times when I struggle with it. I think most people have an internal insecurity and judging others somehow boost their own self-confidence. And let's face it, we are all guilty and we have all done it at one time or another.

    The bottom line is that fake bags are trash but that doesn't mean the people who carry them are, too.
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  6. I don't say anything to them but as soon as I pass I always say ahhh, a person with a fake bag to whomever I am with. I think a fake totally ruins an outfit.
  7. Mokoni-

    I could not have said it any better.

  8. I would never think it was my place to look down on a person for something like the bag they are carrying.

    If it is a close friend or loved one I would say something...but my loved ones who love Coach shop w/ me at Coach so.... I'm not worried about it! :smile:
  9. No, because I have better things to do than to care about what bag someone is carrying. I am thinking about school, work, friends and family. Sure I like bags and other designer things, but I also know that not everyone can afford coach, dooney, LV, chanel, etc. I have been fortunate to save up for my bags and yes, I do feel good carrying them, but I don't snub others for what they are wearing. I guess different strokes for different folks. Besides, the only thing I'm concerned about is the person's character. Not everyone knows they are carrying a fake bag anyway.
  10. i would much rather save my money for the real thing in any situation or with any brand...
    i am currently saving for my first LV or gucci bag and while you see many LV and gucci's faked......i will know that my bag is authentic and that i have saved long and hard to purchase it.
    obviously others that we see with counterfeit bags may not know it or they don't care because perhaps they cannot afford the authentic bag.
    like said earlier...purchasing several faked bags would easily at some point add up to a very nice authentic bag!
  11. I haven't but I sure was shocked! A couple jobs ago, a co-worker of mine had this adorable black Coach tote she brought nearly every day to work (black on black signature). I had just joined tPF last year and had just started to notice bags more on others.

    So one day we were chatting and I said "hey nice Coach!" then she went on and on about how she found this really cool shop on Canal Street and then my face fell. I didn't snub her but I was shocked!
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't agree more :tup:
  13. No, like others I may "snub" them in my mind, but never say anything. I'm more tempted to say something nice to people when I see authentic ones. I usually always point it out to the person I'm with if they saw it.though.
  14. Ugh. My bf's cousin went to China and came home with counterfeits purses that she gave to her sister and among those I saw a Coach patchwork purse..I didn't say anthing though, I just asked where she bought it. I am also afraid they would think I'm a snob if I said anything. And since its family I do feel that I have to be nice :push:
  15. Ditto!