Anyone ever shopped at ?

  1. They have a bunch of louis vuitton stuff there but I can't tell if they're real or not.. (I'm a newbie!). Anyone have any experience with them? Thanks!
  2. Yup, they're legit. :tup:
  3. ^are the sellers screened before their items are allowed on? because i know the site is owned by mypoupette, but i'm a bit wary that there are sellers with only 1 feedback selling some items that I want.... is it positively safe? :p thanks John, just want to be sure before I take the plunge (for a perfo green cles!)
  4. I've purchased a CB pink cles from there and it was absolutely authentic. Very good price too.
  5. ^so are all sellers on that site screened and are guaranteed authentic? LOL...this may sound completely DUMB but I just purchased a perfo cles from a seller there name.......... "chinalv" >.< i authenticated the cles here on tPF and it was determined that the item was I'll have to receive it and see how it goes. The whole CHINALV username is really throwing me off!
  6. I've seen all the items and they all seem real to me.
  7. I love their site!
  8. Let me know how it goes with imagechic. I am planning to buy something there too. Thanks
  9. I am confused by their auctions, I have bid and they always close them early and I never win!

  10. hmmm...that would make me a little suspicious! I wanted something from that site, but the sellers all seem to be from HK or Singapore, and the cost of shipping is on the high side....I would hate to buy something only to have a hassle of trying to return it so far away (not to mention costs too...)
  11. If she is the same person that sells on eBay as ChinaLV then I can vouch for her :tup: Weird username, but authentic items :smile:
  12. Weren't they previously called I think so. The only sellers who can sell on are MPRS.
  13. never heard of this site, going to check it out now.
  14. Has ANYONE on tpf bought anything here besides small accessories?? I'm hesitant, but they have some rare things!!