Anyone ever set their listings to music?

  1. I don't like when sellers do that...sometimes I have my volume turned up when I have a movie or other music on and then I get blasted by the auction music. Usually it's some annoying song, too.
  2. my comp doesnt have the application to hear the music in that listing. however, i would prefer music than the annoying voice keep bragging about the store/quality.... some even keep repeating the begining when i click in the"please check out"...."please check out"...."please check....":cursing:
  3. I don't like music accompaniment either.

    About this particular auction. Can they legally do that? Change the words to a well known song?
  4. does anyone ever seriously put music in their listings?

    oh goodness, no! Don't do unto others what you wouldn't done to you. In my case I like to keep my purchases quiet, really quiet, especially husband quiet :angel:

    about the listing though. lol so for this "high end" bag, the best music pick was something making reference to buying another crappy item off eBay? okayyyy ::back button::
  5. Yes the song is hilarious. It's by Weird Al Yankovic - check it out with the pictures it's even better.

    Personally I hate songs on eBay listings - it wakes the baby up when I am searching eBay during her naps ;).
  6. I hate it when people put sound in their listings. I always turn it off immediately!

  7. AMEN! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I hate it when sellers do this - very annoying and think about how many people surf ebay from work -yikes - don't want to get them fired.
  9. Never music, but I did find a website that has free flash games. I've put one of those one, before.
  10. Very very annoying - especially when you are on ebay at work!!!
  11. I always hit the back button when I come to auctions that have music on it.