anyone ever sell to *beachbutterfly*

  1. ive seen that shes bought other LVs before and i was just wondering if anyone else has ever sold to her.

    as everyone knows ive been trying to sell my groom agenda and keep having problems. each time i list she is one of the few people to bid on my item. she keeps bidding but its always less than my reserve so she never wins it (either that or it gets taken down because eBay is dumb so I have to list it just under groom LV or louis no one even sees my listing!)
    so i tried to email her to see what her high bid was and let her know my reserve. (which is lowered to $250 now) and i also asked whats the most she would pay for the agenda (since she seems to have such a genuine interest in it) and that if we could come to an agreement i would make a buy it now for her. but i havent heard back.

    anyone ever sell to her?? does she usually respond quickly??

    i really honestly think that $250 is more than a fair price for this agenda...i dont really think i should lower my reserve any more than that, what do you guys think?? :shrugs:

    why isnt it selling!:crybaby:
  2. I never sold to her before but she's a bidder in some of my open auctions with low starting amount ( a few times ago ). How long time you've setup BIN for her? If it's already passed 3 days, you should email her, ask her if she still interest or not. Good luck :flowers:
  3. She has recently bid on my auctions at a low price as well. I have not had any previous transactions with her though.
  4. WOW. Look at the top post called "Small eBay Rant"

    The person that asked what my BIN price was beachbutterfly!!!!!!

    She seems to want things very cheap. I would not deal with her. I am blocking her now.
  5. OOOH :shocked:
  6. unbelieveable but did she's many feedbacks? Are they from low amount items?
  7. yeah she finally emailed me back and said she wanted the agenda for $135. i might as well keep it for that. then she backed it up with...there was one on here that sold for $175 brand new so im not paying more than that. (that yellow one) so then why does she even bid if she doesnt hit the reserve i always write what my reserve is.
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  10. LOL! Sorry about that! I responded to a post before realizing it was ancient history! I edited out my comments but bumped the thread.