Anyone ever sell non-designer handbags on ebay?

  1. Along with my much too small collection of designer handbags, I have a quite a large collection of non-designer bags from places like Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, etc. Do you think I have any chance of selling these types of bags on eBay. I'm not looking to make a lot of money, maybe $5-$20 a piece. I'm mostly just trying to clear my closet of stuff I don't want. I want to be clear that these aren't fake designer bags and I'm not presenting them as anything expensive. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give me.
  2. Anything and everything can sell on eBay. Might take a couple rounds of listing though.

    I've sold used runners that were still in good shape but were used nonetheless and they sold. I also had brand new cross trainers up at the same time in the same size and they did not sell.

    It really is hit and miss and you just never know. Give it a go.
  3. I think that if the bag is eye catching or unusual then they usually sell. people are looking for all kinds on eBay lol
  4. Present the sale with as much care as you would a designer bag and take a couple of decent photos...I find there are so many non-designer bag sales on eBay that they will sell a lot quicker and for a lot more if they are presented with care so they stand out from the rest.
  5. I sell all sorts of things on eBay. I think there are very few things that sell, however, you may not get very much for 'unnamed' bags.
  6. I sold a lot of high street bags for the same reason as you, to clear out, a few sold for around£3-£5 the rest i had to send to the charity shop, if i had known i probably wouldn't have bothered to be honest
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  7. I sold quite a few of my daughters non designer bags last year, but they didnt sell well individually, so I sold them all in a lot together. That may be your best bet to sell them all together. Good luck!:tup:
  8. Oh don't you worry about Old Navy! There's a good amount of buyers that are always purusing the Old Navy scene. That and Gap. Kohls might be a bit tough. Just make sure to list as much as humanely possible in your title...I mean if it's just a brown leather purse you might consider "Leather Brown Camel Sachel Hobo Tote Bag" - and you might get more hits. And take pics!!! ;)
  9. You might try selling in "lots" of multiple bags. If you'd really be happy with $5 on some of them this could make a buyer really happy and reduce your listing costs.
  10. Agree with above :smile: why not you can't sell it? This is also my first time to sell non-designers-handbags on eBay ;)
  11. I have sold non designer in the past. You just want to make sure you put as many key words in the title as possible:

    for example 'old navy bag' would not be a good title but

    ;Old navy cream canvas tote bag' would not only get people looking for old navy bags, but also those looking for cream totes, canvas bags etc. Make sure you search old listings & see what sells best - that's what I always do!
  12. I just recently sold a lot of ten non-designer bags (including Guess, The Sak, Banana Republic)...the lot of ten ended for $20 plus shipping. So I only made $2 a piece...but I suppose it would have ended up at Goodwill anyway! I do think non-designers are a bit harder to sell on Ebay (unless there is something catchy about them).
  13. I just sold a second hand spencer and rutherford bag on ebay..... It sold for AUD $91 !! Its worth about $260. Pretty happy with that! Initially listed it for $40 and wondered if I was kidding myself... obviously not!
  14. Absolutely try and sell it!

    I have bought some "non-designer" bags for my daughter to play with...and some for me because I really liked the style!

    There are actually some bags I have seen recently that are non-designer that I loved the style of....and when I went to buy them from the retailer they were all sold I continally look on eBay for them. I think 1 was a Fossil and the other a Banana Republic.
  15. Go for it, and give it a try! Just like others have mentioned, you really don't know what people are looking for on Ebay. Sometimes I see items that I think would sell right away, but don't sell. And on the other hand, sometimes I see things on Ebay that make me think "what! someone would buy that?" and it ends up selling with multiple bids. Good luck! :wlae: <-- haha, i love this little smiley guy.