Anyone ever seen / own this Alma?

  1. What Alma is this ? It's pretty cute!

    : P I S A :

  2. OH! That's the alma from the satin line.

    The satin line was discontinued but it consisted of several bags in several colors (for some reason I can only think of black and red right now), the only thing is that they were evening bags so they were really tiny!
  3. Wow Jen! Thanks! There wasn't any info on their site, so I was just curious to know more. It's really cute. When was it discontinued though?
  4. you can still find some satin pieces around this time of year, but only in black. I saw the boulogne not to long ago.
  5. i use to own the boulogne in black... very cute!! but gotta be so careful with them!!
  6. Yeah I've only seen those a few times and like Jen, I've really only seen the red and black also. But they really ARE tiny. :yes:
  7. It looks fake.
  8. It is cute! I remember seeing them on eluxury a very, very long time ago. I think it's safe to assume that they've been discontinued for at least two years. I know my friend was able to get a papillon in red a year ago.

    There was a papillon, boulogne, bucket, and alma. I cant remember if there was more styles but those are the ones I remember. They were in the $600 range I believe.
  9. Thanks again Jen for the details. I'm still thinking it over, given that PISA is in HK and well, that worries me but it looks real and people have attested to that before :yes:
  10. No problem!!

    I've bought from Pisa before and what I bought was real, my only problem with them was that it was not accurately described and it was near impossible to contact them (i never did get a response)!

    If you're not picky about colors, there's a really pretty brown alma on ebay and a black bucket that is in ok condition.
  11. OMG! It's a Miniature bag! I just realized that when the woman held the bag to open up the interior!

    Nevermind! I thought it was bigger than that! Thx tho hon! :flowers:
  12. haha yea, it's TINY!!!! I myself didnt realize how tiny it was until I saw an auction where the lady set it on top of her hand to show how big it was and the bag was literally the size of her palm. soooooo small (but sooo cute!)
  13. I remember those pieces..not only were they expensive they seemed really delicate and I think they would stin easily. Not worth my money
  14. I have them in my old Le Catalogue. I will post pic in 3 min.