Anyone Ever Seen Bare Bags IRL?

  1. During a search for another item, I discovered this online store and the Bare Bag that I have never before seen. I LOVE it but would like to find it on sale.
  2. wow - check out that reversible bucket bag! so cool! maybe a bit on the large side for me...but looks really soft and yummy! i have never seen these IRL (or even heard of them before) - wonder if you can get them anywhere else? a sale sure would be nice with that hefty (for me) price tag!
  3. they look gorgeous; i've never seen one before...
  4. Aren't they gorgeous? The leather looks so smooshy and I love the style--very unusual. I'm going to have to search the web to see where else it might be sold...preferably at a sale price! I did find this article about Bare Bags in Daily Candy.
  5. very cute!
  6. Very cute. I like the day tripper
  7. can also be found online at

    they have a smaller size of the reversible bucket, with and without a strap.
  8. Quite lovely; I also like the day tripper, a lot.
  9. Nice bags. Thanks for the intro to a new brand.