Anyone ever see the Coach Tie Dye stuff at the outlets...

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  1. I think it came out about 4 years ago....the pink, white and Denim blue ones? I really loved that collection and miss my bags that I had (and sold). I do see them on eBay but was wondering if there was an abundance of them somewhere out there;) .
  2. They came out in 05. And I regret not getting the pink satchel.
  3. I had to get my pink satchel online. It's so pretty, I still have yet to use it. Lmao. I've never seen them in outlets, though.
  4. katie! how have you not used that bag?! that's a crime! (and i think i need to confiscate it...) :graucho:
  5. Did it only come out in 05? My sense of time is really off nowadays...yipes! I really want a Pink Shoulder Bag and the White cute!
  6. LOL!!! I've taken it out of the dustbag... put my items inside of it... was going to use it... and then was all, "What if I get it all dirty!!!!!!?????!!!!!"
  7. Can someone post a picture of one?
  8. My satchel is in the upper right corner of this pic

    Wow... that picture is out-dated... I think I need a new one. LMAO. Can you tell I like pink?
  9. so much pink! :heart: i LOVE that pink-trimmed sig agenda.
  10. Such an adorable collection! You have to wear that purse, its beautiful! Maybe you could Scotchguard it to protect it from dirt and staining?

  11. Oh, it's protected. I'm still paranoid. :shame:
  12. I forgot I have a piece from this collection! For some reason I always do not think of it as tie-dye.

  13. ooh now I want one, in pink . . . but I wanna save up for spring accessories.
  14. i want the satchel so bad if anyone sees one anywhere let me know i have been looking for it forever