Anyone Ever See Kendall's?

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  1. I know it wasn't one of the more popular styles, but they seem very rare. There have been a couple green ones on eBay, but I never see black or brown. It looks to be a very functional bag. I'd love one in one of those colors.
  2. I always found it appealing. The only thing that ever stopped me getting it was the big front flap. I particularly like the Green ones. There is one on eBay for over 300. Too high priced for an older Kooba in my opinion that wasn't a huge hit.
    I might be wrong but I think Bessie got one at the Sample sale last year? Maybe?
  3. you are indeed right the green one, it was the green color that drew me to it i couldnt put it down :smile:
  4. Hey Husky...
    A brown Kendall just showed up on eBay. It must be your lucky day. What are the odds of that? Very pretty bag with a big price though.
  5. It's very pretty! :nuts:
  6. yea wow isnt that a HUGE coincidence?!?! a brand new brown kendell up on ebay the same day you mention here on tpf that you never see them ?!?! WOW! talk about your lucky day
  7. I think I'll have to admire that one from afar. Great pics to drool over, but to big of a price for me.
  8. Yes, isn't it totally amazing that I post about a bag, and bingo, there it is! Ssomeone is watching for what we want, and then listing it on ebay within a day or two. The bag is listed by e-bay seller Scenery* - who's also a tpf member. I hope she's not using the forum strictly for ebay sales, wouldn't that be against the rules?
    I would love to have a kendall, but I will keep searching elsewhere......
  9. No, what would be against the rules is to reply on TPF, "I have one, want to buy it?" I do believe sending even a private email, or PM offering to sell it would also be against the rules.

    But listing it on eBay, (after reading here it's a rare, sought after bag that I just happen to have) is just plain good business sense, and wouldn't hesitate to do it myself.

    Say I knew one of you girls wanted a bronze Lucy...and happen to want to get rid of mine, but cannot PM you to let you know, because it's against forum rules. I can list it on eBay, and if it's known here you want it, someone can let you know it's there, without me promoting my own bag or selling it through here.
  10. A couple years ago Kendall's were all over the place for sale. Cheap too. Around 175-200 bucks...because this was the time I considered buying one. Kendalls were never a big hit for Kooba. I don't know why the prices would be so high on ebay now, except for the fact that someone said they wanted one in this forum.
    There are alot of ebay sellers in this Forum and I hope none of them would be that opportunistic.
  11. It's a very nice looking bag; still in fashion. Kooba has always been ahead of their time trend-wise, don't you think?

    I know you always price your bags to sell at reasonable prices; I try to also. It seems they always do, too. People will only pay what things are worth to them. If a seller is too opportunistic when pricing, it is their prerogative, but chances are, they could be sitting on that bag for a long, long time (remember the Alex)

    We really shouldn't let these things get personal. Ebay is a business, and this is a public forum that anyone can join as long as they follow the rules. We don't all have to be best friends, but we can all play nice, right?
  12. no drama please.
  13. The seller posted her bidding list of the latest Virginia she sold and said there was no shill bidding involved but all of us know it wasn't the latest Virginia she sold that had shill bids but the Older Virginia she sold (To Husky Lover) when she used to have a different user name of Pocket Pc Kid. She promoted her own bag and admitted to bidding it up to 100.00. The old thread can be found if you look for it. I can understand why HuskyLover's stand is about ethics.
    Promotion is against Forum rules. She also Posted about a smooth black Sienna she was selling asking if we thought it was real? That was before we knew her ebay ID. It's all about ethics and if you aren't convinced read this old Virginia thread where she admits to bidding on her own auction.
  14. are you kidding me? are you back to this again? i state in the forum that i had bid $100, i posted the bid list here that there was actually no bid from me, this was several months ago, I haven't done anything like it at all since, god forbid you ever make a mistake, i woulve love for you to bear a scarlet letter for the rest of your life.

    Look at the image below and see finally that there was no schill bidding.


    I told you via private email that the account was closed because the ebay fees were not paid, and it wasn't even my account that I was selling on, now that I have made my own account a few months ago, there are have been absolutely no discrepencies whatsoever.
  15. The posting is unreadable unless you change your screen resloution and even then it is hard.
    I do see that your name is not there on the bid list.
    But there is still the overall ethics issue of saying you bid 100.00 to obviously stir interest and a bid of higher than 100.0 by one of our forum members who were interested.

    Basically it comes down to this. When you admitted to who you were (Scenery) we all welcomed you and knew of your great Kooba bags. It was all good. But you never really wanted to join in this group to talk about Koobas, what you like or don't like. You didn't come to join our community but just to kinda get a feel for what we wanted. You were sorta veiled in mystery with contradicting posts about SS a general distrust started. We don't know if you really like Kooba bags or not, or do you only like selling them. Most of us in here for the most part are more than welcoming to new members but you never really joined us...just watched us from afar. Some of us don't feel comfortable that you don't feel a need to join us fully in talking about bags but only want to use us as Selling Tool.
    Simply said....If you had just been honest from the start...this all would be a non issue.
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