Anyone ever recognize you're carrying BV?

  1. Recently, SO and I went out to dinner at a nice restaurant so I carried my black BV makeup bag that I actually use as a clutch. In the ladies room, a lady asked if my clutch was BV. I was so excited and surprised since I haven't seen BV yet where I live. Unfortunately, we couldn't talk for long since we were in line, but I was tempted to ask if she was TPF member, LOL. Anyone else ever get recognized for carrying BV?
  2. Yes, occasionally and I love when it happens.
    I make sure to compliment other BV owners when I spot them.
  3. not yet, but I'm new to BV and I've been so looking when I go out.:sneaky:
  4. What I love about BV is that I get a lot of compliments esp.on my naturale veneta and ebano campana from people who don't recognize the brand as well as those who do. People simply admire the beauty of the leather and the workmanship.
  5. Not really. I don't notice people wearing BV either.
  6. Only in stores that carry bags--they recognize it.
  7. No-only compliments (and not too often:sad:) that they like my bag, but not knowing that it's a BV. Eugin, I am going out tonight with my new BV black clutch (make-up bag) too-we'll see what happens!:rolleyes: I would love it if someone really recognized what it is and could talk a little bit about bags with me, but it doesn't seem that too many people are into bags like I am, at least in my crowd.

    Which is why I am here. :p
  8. The SA at the Gucci store asked, "Bottega Veneta? You know we own them now. I could tell by the woven leather." Saks SA recognized one of my BVs and a very stylish lady with an epi lv....that's about it. BTW, I love that alot of people have no idea who the designer is.
  9. Here in San Antonio, TX, neither Saks nor NM carry BV and there are very few sightings (actually none) of BV bags. I was at NM wearing my magnolia toggle baguette, and a male SA stopped me and asked if my bag was a BV. Go figure, the only person in this city who recognizes my bag is a man in NM!
  10. I would have to say no... note that I have only had my first BV for a few weeks now. Although people may not make comments out loud you never know what they are thinking inside :p

    Ever since I bought my first BV, I have been taking extra notice in other peoples bags, in particular BV bags. And when I see another BV owner, I cannot help but feel so happy and stare and admire... :yahoo:

    Another thing, although people know that the quality of BV bags are fantastic, do you find that people don't expect BV to be as $$ as it is. People are a little shocked at the price of my campana - wait till they hear prices of those special cabats/exotic skin bags~
  11. Hmmh, here in Europe, only ppl informed about high fashion can name the brand and that`s mostly Asian tourists and salespeople at the stores, but people come up and admire the look of the bag, not knowing that it`s BV.

    But I have to say that this makes it even more precious to me. When I have a bag that`s so high-priced, I don`t want to go and shove it in everybody`s face with some monogrammed-Gucci or else but want to keep it to myself and the ppl who know.
  12. I'm sort of a newbie to BV and acquired my first bag just this past May, so I haven't had the opportunity to carry my bags frequently enough to notice. I, however, now have "BV radar" and love to see others carry it! Just yesterday I saw a lady walk by the new BV store in Carmel, CA with a Marquise bag in Ebano.
  13. I hear you, Marly. I was so excited that when I got back to the table I told SO someone here actually recognizes BV! He said, "PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me you did not ask if they were a TPF member!" I didn't, much to his relief. :p
  14. Not really....only the owner of a small local fashion boutique here recognized my BVs... and one time I was wearing my quarzo med veneta and a SA in NM said it was a pretty color...I assumed she knew it is a BV as she's working in the handbag dept. Other than that, i didn't get any compliments on my BVs.
  15. I get compliments on color/style - in particular, my Magnolia Veneta. I personally think that I exude such happiness whilst using my BV's, that people do compliment me on them, but without knowledge that it is a BV.