anyone ever recieve something by mistake and..kept it? LOL

  1. :biggrin:I bought a pair of dior heels from awhile ago and they ended up not fitting, so I returned them. It was strange because since they came from a catalog -the CSR took down my info and said he would track the shoes and charge me and send me them- so technically, it wasnt done via the website. Well, NM has a bunch of numbers that are automatically traced into the postal system when u drop off the return package at the PO, so a few weeks go by and I dont get a credit, so I call them and after another week they finally track my return and said they will credit me. Well durning this time, I got a box at my front door with these gorgeous sets of silverware and a box of shoes..not just any shoes a pair of Christian Louboutin wedges!!!!

    so right away I thought WTF? there was no invoice in the box, nothing. My name was on the box and the from address was NM in dallas, texas. I thought " well maybe they lost my return and are trying to compensate me" so I call them and speak to an associate in the shipping dept who tells me that my item was credited, I tell them " I just got a box of shoes and some silverware i didnt order and wasnt charged for" and he goes " just keep them" LMFAO.

    so, I did keep them. I havent used the silverware and the laoboutins were a size 37 and I wear a 39, so I gave them to my younger sister who dosent like them. So in another week or so im going to be giving them away on here since im too lazy to sell them and thought it would be nice :graucho:

    I know I should feel guilty for keeping the things, but the guy at NM told me to keep them, so what the hell.

    this happend to me once with an exlury order also, they sent me this expensive dior bracelet that had not been released but was in a catalog they sent out and not even the dior boutiques had them, they said it was a waitlist item. they ended up sending me that bracelet instead of a cheap sale dior bracelet they had for 200$, so curious I called the dior boutique in dallas-when it was there- and she told me it was 820.00$ :blink:
    I called elux and told them i got the wrong bracelet, not only did she credit me for the item i never got, but told me to KEEP THE BRACELET, she apparently thought it was a cheap red plastic bracelet they had marked down to 50$ that had dior writtien in " crystal studs" on it hahaha..I still have the crystal dior bracelet they sent me in error and told me to keep:biggrin:

    has this happened to any of you?
  2. i wear a 37!!!!
  3. Wow.... You are sooooooooooooo Lucky !!!! I wish I could be that lucky !! Never happen to me. Let alone getting freebie, I had to keep calling/ email to make sure they credit my card.
    Enjoy your dior bracellet!! lucky gal !!
  4. me tooo
    oo please iw ill be your best friend!!! HAHA
  5. I will post pictures of the wedges and then ask names for people who are interested in wanting them for free and then draw a name :biggrin:
    going to my sisters place on the 30th, so it will be then!
  6. Well, count me in Please ...[​IMG][​IMG]Louboutin [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. :lol::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    BTW you're sooooo lucky bella!!!!
  8. How come such things do not happen to me... but you seem to be lucky or something coz u keep getting good stuff... maybe coz u have been a good customer to them or something so you are being compensated..
  9. I'm a 37 too!!! :biggrin: Wow! That's really lucky. If they tell you to keep it, then keep it!
  10. you have definite luck

    would you rub em for good luck


    thank you!!!!!!!!!1

  11. count me in, I am size 37 too!!!!!! Wow you are so lucky!
  12. my moms a 37! Please count me in...she would LOVE them:heart: :yes: :love:
  13. Count me in, I'm a 37 also!!
  14. ok-I am NOT a 37.but hee.hee.hee. My daughter Please count me in...gosh,How I LOVE to torture my PHH...LOL!
  15. I'm not even close to that size but that's nice that you had good fortune.
    You may want to buy a couple lottery tickets with your luck. LOL