Anyone ever put cardboard in their LVs?

  1. I got fed up with my BV cos it keeps sagging to one side and the bottom part keeps "folding up" bcos its too soft. So I went and bought a cardboard and I cut it up and placed it inside the bottom of the bag. :idea: Now, the bag stands up straighter and the bottom is more structured.

    Just thought I'd let ppl know in case others had the same problem :smile:
  2. i do the same for all my speedies.
  3. I have put things at the bottom of my bags to keep it from sagging like magazines, pack of spare nyons (for work), and car catalogues to name a few. But I'm getting my mom to make me leather "bottom" (like the ones on sale on eBay) so that it matches and is probably lighter than a magazine.
  4. I might get one on eBay
  5. I have one inside my Mini Lin Speedy. I cut up the LV box that it came in and it has held up pretty well.
  6. :wtf:
  7. in the bottom of the bag(speedy) to stop the sag but thats about it,
  8. Sorry, but I have to comment on that cutie on your avatar. Is that a Yorkie? What a cutie...
  9. LV obssesion, it's a great idea. I also hate when they sag. I will try that...Thanks
  10. I've done this for my speedy bags.
  11. I have stuffed thing at the sides of my neo cabby to even it out, but cardboard would be a good idea. I should tell my daughter about this but she says she liks the sag on her ("my" speedy
  12. Cardboard is too stiff for me. I have a very thin magazine on the bottom of mine. It looks naturally proportioned that way.
  13. For my Mini Lin Speedy's to prevent the sag. I take a DVD case and open it up and place it on the bottom, it fits perfect. I have to admit I learned this trick here.
  14. I put a cardbaord in my Neverfull GM. Works Great!
  15. Some of my LVs (Popincourt Haut, MC Almas) were shipped out to me with cardboard pieces in them to help them maintain their shape during shipping. I stuck with LV's recommendation and keep the cardboard in the bags during storage to help the bag's maintain their shape. I don't care for the saggy/droopy bottom on my Speedy 35 so I use a piece of fabric covered cardboard in the bottom of the bag to prevent this.