Anyone ever put an extra hole in a strap?

  1. I bought a Damier Tango with the long strap a few weeks ago. :yahoo:I absolutely love it, I love that I can were it messenger style or one the shoulder. But when wearing it on the shoulder I would like the strap to adjust shorter. Has anyone punched another hole in their straps before? Did you do it yourself, or is this something an LV store can do? Thanks!
  2. I would ask a shoemaker to do it (or LV store but not sure if they would do it).
  3. ^ Yup i'ld go shoemaker also.

    Its fast and easy no big deal.
  4. Thanks guys. Do you mean a shoe and leather repair place? I don't know of anywhere near here where they actually make shoes. lol
  5. DO NOT attempt this yourself. i did this with a belt once with HORRIBLE results.
  6. a shoe and leather repair place would def do it...ive had holes put in my belts all the time...i always like to be able to make things smaller or bigger.
  7. a cobbler should be able to do it for you.
  8. Good luck and NEVER try this yourself. I am sure you can find someone to assist you.
  9. Yeah an LV store won't do it for you - we get people asking us to do that...and yeah we can alter the bag like that.

    I probably wouldn't add that whole, but it is at your discretion. :smile:

  10. Eeeek! No, and I never would.
  11. I done this with couple Jimmy Choo shoes, I took them to the shoe repair guy, he did a great job, but I don't know If I could do this on a bag, I hope I never have to.:s
  12. About ten years ago my Mom bought an AWL Dooney at Nordstrom's and the lady in handbags had a tool to do it for us as my Mom wanted some extra holes. But I agree, DON'T do it yourself!
  13. i'd be safe and go to a shoe maker.
  14. Lv, here happily puts extra holes in the belts i know that much, becuase i overheard another customer asking for it with a belt he broght in, the SA said it was fine and to go upstairs to the repairs and servicing office, but i guess the bag is different. good luck