anyone ever purchased bags from

  1. i wanna get a woven bag of andrea brueckner, and i found it is on sale on not sure about its reliability. did anyone ever buy sth there? ;);)thanks in advance!
  2. I have purchased Luba J bags on sale from and never had a problem with them. The bags are authentic and arrive in good condition. HTH
  3. Me too. I bought an Andrea Breuckner from them and also one other bag and it was all good.
  4. I bought something from them once. No problems at all!
  5. You can feel very confident with Fengjunk. I have ordered with the several times and they were great each time. Very reliable and great customer service.:tup:
  6. thanks so much!! i am going to order one from it this afternoon!

  7. I think you can use the code "grechen" to get a discount.......try it!
  8. hey it works!!! thank u so much!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. now i have another question.. i am in canada, and it seems that the shipping is not that expensive if i choose to let it ship here directly..i wonder whether i will be charged by customs..has any one bought sth from internationally?
  10. im thinking about getting the moni moni splendor they have in the plum.
  11. I received my coveted Luba J Gecko in ash from them today. They have the best Luba J selection.
  12. I am also Canadian and I have bought an Andrea Brueckner saddle bag from Fengjunk. I find the shipping time is fairly long and it's not their fault - customs right now will delay things by 1-2 weeks.

    Fengjunk uses USPS which is way better than UPS or Fedex for brokerage fees - they will charge you 50-60$ as all you would pay is equivalent GST on the bag. Due to NAFTA if a bag is manufactured in the U.S. no additional duty can be charged, only equivalent Canadian tax.

    Hope this helps! I was very happy with my bag from them and have used their site for other purchases as well.