Anyone ever purchase from the COACH Japan site?

  1. Just curious to know if anyone has purchased or would purchase an item from the Japan site? is it even possible? I noticed that there are a few more items on their site that aren't even available in the US yet... :confused1: I don't know how you would get the site in english though... LOL

  2. If there is an item you are interested in , you could call JAX with the number and see if it's available to order. Sometimes you can get it , but not always. HTH:yes:
  3. I wish I could.
  4. Yeah me too. They have some adorable stuff sometimes. But what can we do...... BUT CALL JAX. I haven't because I am not trying to buy a bag full price, but if I could use a PCE, man o man that would be sweet!!!
  5. I thought this thread was closed. :shrugs:
  6. really? o.... my bad.
  7. Why would this thread be closed?

    I would call JAX for sure.....sometimes they'll have what you are looking for!
  8. i don't know voodoo why it would be closed LOL... i was confused myself... :confused1: thanks for the 411 voo doo, i'm definitely going to see whats up since the japan site already has a lot more than the US site! :tup:
  9. Coach Japan does not offer shipping service, so it is not possible to order from Japan site.
    The only one possiblity to buy Coach products in Japan is to visit the stores.
    As you know the prices are almost double of US prices and they accept returns
    only within 90 days upon purchase... so the conditions in Japan are much harder than in US...!
  10. You can't order it offline, but call JAX, you never know what they might have.... that's how I got my Ergo hippie! :tup: