Anyone ever purchase a birkin from here?

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  1. Luxwear LLC ?
  2. That is a legit seller. I have not personally bought from Luxwear, but I believe this seller has been recognized as the real deal. So go for it!
  3. Luxwear has a website I never purchased anything from least not yet!!
  4. I'm on my way to purchasing from her (Jamie). Totally legit. Someone on this board has purchased from her in the past and is totally happy! Go for it!
  5. I haven't purchased from her but I've seen her auctions for years. She's the real deal.
  6. What are you looking at?? Please share!
  7. Please do share! I'm curious!
  8. Addicted...what are you getting from Jamie? Anyway, let me know how it goes.
  9. I'm going for another birkin.
  10. Ooohhh! Which color?
  11. color and size??!!
  12. Yipee! Please share the details!
  13. Luxwear only sells authentic Hermes. I know many people who have purchased from her. No worries about buying a fake! ;)
  14. your basic 35 togo with palladium. I had one (that I thought was a 35 and was told that it was actually a HAC which was 28) I didn't know much back then so I sold it.
  15. Hello!

    Luxwear is GREAT! I have bought two birkins and a kelly from Jamie. I have nothing but glowing things to say.

    Good luck!
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