Anyone ever ordered a clochette (replacement)?

  1. I just purchased a Plume Porte Document (40cm) in black Fjord that I love. It alas came with no cadena/key/clochette or luggage tag of any sort. I like these accessories on bags like the Bolide/Birkin/Kelly/Victoria. Has anyone ever ordered a clochette for a non-locking bag? I was told that it could be done but they would have to ship the entire bag to France! Any other ideas? I just have a cadena on the ring where the handle attaches at the moment.
  2. I need to order a black box key clochette and lock so I called NYC Madison Avenue and was told it cost about $150 and it could take up to a year. I plan on visiting the store soon anyway so i will ask Claude.
  3. Spoke to Claude today. He's doing it and said 2-3 months. $150. Good luck.
  4. Great! Thanks for the info!! Did you call or speak to him in person?
  5. I went in person. He wasn't at his station on the ground floor. They told me he was in the workroom upstairs. I went up to the third floor and he invited me in, which was kind of cool. I asked about altering a bag--which he declined, apparently they cannot alter a bag from its original design. But, when I asked about the clochette he was more than accomodating. I asked how long it would take and he said, well, that guy right there is going to be making it, so let's ask him. The guy was working on a light beige Constance bag with a magnifying glass! He said 2-3 months in a barely audible French mumble. Claude was totally nice (as he has been in the past when I asked him to clean a little card case).
  6. Thanks for the info! That must have been a nice experience to watch a craftsman making a bag!!!
  7. That soft-spoken man is Pierre.
  8. I think it was a repair to the Constance. Oh, good. Pierre. I think he was Asian?

    I'm always trying to remember the names of SAs and SMs or anyone who I can remember at H.
  9. I would have loved to see that as well.

    Did you have to pay up front for the clochette? Does that include a lock?
  10. I didn't pay anything. I believe it would include a lock and two keys. I don't need them. It's just to accessorize a Plume Porte Document I just got, which does not come with a clochette. It doesn't have anywhere to lock it anyway! He said he would just give me some random keys they had lying around, otherwise the clochette would probably just fall off the tirette anyway.
  11. I've seen the lock on the actual tirette. Accessorize the accessory lol.
  12. Yes, that's what I do with it on my other bags (Birkin, Bolide, Victoria, all travel sizes). I just wanted a plain clochette on the Plume. The Plume looks more briefcase-ish (40cm, black Fjord PHW). Very butch.
  13. Sometimes I think if H made it I would hang it on anything! This forum has proven to be quite cultish in its conversion. I started 2008 with NO H BAGS! I now have 5. I can't shop for basically the rest of my life.
  14. Castorny - you are very lucky! What a treat!
  15. Thanks piaffe!

    You always have the best things to say on here.