anyone ever order from the balini store over phone

  1. ok so im in north carolina and i want a bag but i cant get to new york no store has them near me . so im asking if anyone has ever order a bag over the phone and got what they order i want a city black or brown or both well oneat a time im going to use my income tax money when i get it im just planing ahead so let me know what you all think
  2. I always order my bag at BALNY via phone. Just make sure your SA sends you photos before you order. It's worked for me so far. If you need a SA recommendation, my favorite is Daphane. She has always picked out the best leather for my preference.
  3. Hi Carolina girl...I'm from Charlotte and do most of my ordering by phone although we do have a Neiman's here so that's helped...Also, you might find what you want there...:yes: plus Capitol Clothing and Bob Ellis is here at Southpark Mall...They carry Balenciago...Good luck!
  4. thanks