Anyone ever order from

  1. I recently fell in love with a bag that an attorney I was working with had. It appeared to be a Jimmy Choo Ramona. I went on the Jimmy Choo website and found that there is a smaller version, the Riki, which I would prefer since the Ramona seems rather large.

    So I decide to order it and the site won't take my credit card. I tried four times and finally called the customer service number. The lady on the phone couldn't help me but said that first time orders can't be done online or something to that effect and she'd have somebody call me back. Nobody called me back, but I got an e-mail telling me if I had trouble to call customer service and that I should contact my bank.

    So I called my bank and they said nothing was wrong with my card but that there were four authorizations from Jimmy Choo. So I again called Jimmy Choo and talked to a lady who said someone would call me back. Nobody ever did. So I tried to order the bag again online. It wouldn't work.

    I called Choo a third time to just try and order the bag through them. She said she can't find the Riki bag in black. I don't want another color. She said to e-mail customer service. So I tried that and they replied that I could order the Riki bag online. This is right where I started! I can't order online! It won't work!

    Has anyone ever ordered from before? I would have thought their customer service would be a little bit more organized but I can't seem to find anyone who can just help me either order the bag or tell me it is sold out.
  2. I just ordered a wallet from JC website last month. It went right through and I received the wallet 4 days later. Then last week I decided I wanted to order a specific bag and emailed the CS off their site. I received a response back the following day with the information of the 2 stores which had the item in stock and they provided me with the phone number and as I was dialing the store, the other line rang and it was a SA from the store asking if I would like to have the bag shipped out that day. I am sorry to hear you are having problems. I would find a boutique close to you and call them directly. Tell them which Riki you would like and they will locate it for you in black and get it shipped out to you immediately. I hope you have better luck, but if nothing else, call and speak with the girls in the Texas Boutique. They will still be open and able to assist. The Riki is a wonderful bag and I am carrying the Bordeaux one currently. Good luck!
  3. Here is the number of the Dallas store that helped me! 214-528-6801 - Ask for the girl who was helping Robyn from MN. She was great, but I can not remember her name.:blush:
  4. Hmmm, maybe the problem is the bag is sold out and they haven't taken it off the website yet. I don't have a Choo store nearby but we have a Saks here so I might just go in there and see if they have that bag. If not, maybe I'll try calling the TX store.
  5. I figured out what the problem is and I'm really aggravated. My stupid bank has a $1500 per day limit on transactions. I guess it's some kind of fraud protection thing but it really peeves me that I can't spend as much of my own money as I want. I don't like to use credit. I use a debit card visa and this is really annoying. So now I found out they DO have the bag I want but I have no clue how I'm supposed to pay for it since it's just over $1500.
  6. Here is a suggestion: Call customer service to divide your payments into debit and your credit card and you will be all set.
  7. I ordered directly from the NY Store-great service.
  8. I might have to call a store directly. The lady who called me back today was in the UK I guess, but not in the US. If they will just charge part one day and the rest the next day it'll be fine but this really irks me. I understand banks have rules and it's probably so that nobody can steal my card and take all the money out of the account, but it's annoying that I can't just spend my own money on something I want.

    I tried going to Saks today to see if they had the bag and when I told the lady that I was having trouble ordering from the website she didn't seem surprised. But she said they only have a limited amount of Choo bags and didn't have that one. I got a cute pair of comfy Juicy pants on sale though :smile:
  9. thank you for posting the # to the store robynbenz. I called and they said I can send a check so my bag should be on its way. I'm soooo excited!