Anyone ever order CLs from

  1. The sizes on the site for Louboutins are in US sizes. I don't see a size chart on the site anywhere. When they say size 11 on the drop down menu for ordering what is that in Euro size? Is that a 41 or 42? Thanks.
  2. It's 41
  3. I know generally 11 is stated as a 41 which actually is not true in French sizing an 11 is more like a 42. Some online sites actually state that an 11 is a 42 and I wondered if they had done that also. Darn...I saw some 11s and was hoping they were 42s....Thanks!
  4. US sizing and European sizing are related. For example I'm a 39 which is a US 9 so a 40 would be a 10 and so on

    Of course like anything you still have to try them on!!
  5. just beware if you order from you can't return to Barneys store. this is annoying because i need to pay shipping (usually it is $12 flat rate unless there is a promotion) AND shipping back to them :sad:. everywhere lets me return at the store now besides Barneys.
  6. BlkLadyLady, it's me again (fellow big-footed woman!). I think it was at Barneys in NYC where I went, asked for a 42 in a Louboutin, and I was told flat-out that they do not even STOCK a 42! I also called Barneys in Beverly Hills - same deal. They don't currently stock 42.
  7. thanks for the input everyone; I guess I will stick with Neimans, Saks and Bergdorfs
  8. Are you two gals tall?
  9. 5'11" over here!
  10. I'm 6ft tall
  11. Ahh ok, I was just intrigued.....I'm 5'7" and would love to be another 3 inches taller
  12. For a taller canvas to spread weight distribution over it is great...for buying sucks!
  13. :lol:

    My friend always says that, she's only 5'3" and always moans that weight gain is more evident on her than me
  14. Barney's has free shipping right now til the 8th.