Anyone ever made a BASE SHAPER?

  1. wow impressive!!! long way before i can catch up
  2. i don't think you will be able to find a material sturdy enough for a keepall 50 duffle.

    you will probably have to get one on eBay or something.

    one of my friend use corrugrated plastic sheet to make her shaper but i think the edge is too sharp and will damage the bag overtime.
  3. I cut mine out of a red shoes box from ferragamo , it fits perfectly, and the red matches too.
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  5. To add to this thread, I took another user's suggestion and cut out the cardboard from water bottle packaging. I wrapped it in an old tshirt and will use for a few days to see if I like it. It was a great suggestion and fits nicely in my bag.
  6. Same as everyone else, I cut the proper size from a white sturdy piece of cardboar and taped the sides to prevent scratching. I'm going to wrap it in some fabric but maybe later. For now I have an extra scarf which I layer over it to make my bag look lovely :smile:

    I used to use a magazine as a shaper but that added too much weight to my bag.
  7. Hey guys, if you want better material other than cardboard although maybe not as sturdy, try those vinyl placemats from the dollar store, or plastic chopping mats (search eBay, dollar store).

    If you go to those arts and crafts store or a hardware store, they might have those plasticy boards that are thicker. I don't know what the material is but it feels/looks like plastic.

    Also, BALSA WOOD! Typical arts and craft wood that kids use for school projects etc. Or those cardboard sheets architects use to make house models are great and have awesome finish to them.

    I don't know if this would work, but polycarbonate sheets! Those things people put on roofs for insulation I think? This may not be as accessible for most people but for those who have men who hoard things in the garage, they might have access to these hahaha (my uncle had some, no idea why).

    Once you find a good material, its a matter of just cutting and fitting. I've been looking for alternatives to buying base shapers online because some of them are rip offs, and you don't really know the quality of it before you buy. If you make them yourself then I guess you can use what you prefer and get a feel of it before you make it.
  8. Hey

    I have made base shapers out of carboard for my speedy. And rounded the edges of and then taped the edges for that exta security. I have had no problems with it and it makes my speedy have a polish look to it. The corners of the cardboard are rounded and taped so it doesnt damage tge corners of my speedy. :smile:
  9. I remember my SA telling me if I want a base shaper to use the LV box you get when you buy your bag and cut the shape out and use it as a base shaper. I tried it for a while on my Speedy but I found I love slouchy sag look much better.
  10. Love the dollar store kneeling pad idea. Soft and bendable, but still sturdy. Off to find a dollar store today!

  11. Hey! I never thought of that - worth a try :smile:
    I have 2 Samorga bag organizer inserts but not sure it the bottom is firm enough? I was cleaning out my closet finding bags to consign when I re-discovered my first ever designer bag: Gucci Babouska boston bag (plain smooth leather darkest brown)...very 90's looking but I still like it, I guess. It could use a base shaper. For the time being, I found a really thick stiff high quality booklet which fits quite nicely - I think it's pretty funny too!
    Gucci Babouska boston bag smooth leather darkest brown 1.jpg Gucci Babouska boston bag smooth leather darkest brown 2.jpg
  12. There are many types of base shaper, some are made of acrylic and some are cardboard while some are leather-looking type. My SA told me stay away from acrylic as it is too hard. You may want to check out the following website that interesting reviews on different brands of purse base shaper in the world.
  13. Hi everyone! I came across this thread as I was doing research on how to make a base shaper. Just thought I'd share what I ended up doing-- I took a plastic poster frame and a placemat and cut them down to fit the dimensions of my bag. It's a really inexpensive DIY job, and has worked out pretty well so far! I've included a link with more detailed instructions and photos in my signature below.
  14. I made a great one out of cork once.......lightweight, no stress on the bag....perfect!
  15. I used two of those plastic kitchen mats used to dice veggies on.
    It works great in my Delightful PM