Anyone ever lose a toenail?

  1. I bashed my toe on the bottom of a cupboard the first week in July. It hurt very badly, the toenail got flipped up and detatched, but stayed on at the bottom. I kept Band-aids on it to keep the toenail stuck down and I thought it was going to just grow out, but it fell off today! I was putting lotion on my foot and it just came off in my hand- it didn't even hurt. It looks like a new toenail started to grow underneath the old one, but it is just peeking out from the bottom of where it grows from. Has anyone ever lost a toenail? Did it grow back normal looking?
  2. I sort of lost a toenail, meaning it got almost pulled off so then they removed it completely at the emergency room.

    My toenail did grow back normally, but you need to be a bit careful about the shoes you wear while it's growing. For a while I was wearing too many heels and pointy-toed shoes and I could tell the shape of the nail wasn't doing too well. Switched to wearing more flats, and voila, I have a perfect nail again.
  3. Yes. I've lost the toenails on my baby toes and second-to-baby (lol) several times... they always grow back fine. I lose mine from dancing (rubbing against dance shoes / pointework). Generally when they fell off, the new one was already at least 3/4 grown in underneath. But don't worry - it'll be back and perfectly fine :smile:
  4. It's happened to me a couple of times and don't worry, it will grow back all normal (good advice from mundodabolsa on wearing sensible shoes some of the time).:smile:
  5. I've had similar experiences as EmilyK only due to running. Probably have lost at least 3 or 4 after training for marathons. They've always grown back although one might look a little funny (probably just in my head). Maybe I wasn't careful about shoes...

    One thing to keep in mind if you will be getting a pedicure... do not get a fake nail put on as I heard this can cause problems and you could lose the nail permanently. I had a nail hanging on by a thread with half a nail underneath one time and I wanted to wear open toe shoes to a wedding or something. I asked at the salon and luckily someone told me this. I wound up just cutting of the old nail and having the half nail painted.
  6. i lost my big toenail a couple of years ago, kicked something by mistake in the middle of the night..but it took a long time to grow back, many months

    and it grew back one toenail is noticably wider that the other foot...well noticable to me, i don't think anyone else would care
  7. The same thing happened to me a few years ago and I also used a band-aid to try and keep it down but it ripped off when I went swimming. There was already a new nail growing underneath and it didn't take long to grow back completely, maybe a month. I'd forgotten about that until I saw your thread.
  8. Ugh, yes.
    The first time it happened DH and I were in Vegas and it was all for the sake of fashion. I had the cutest pair of shoes that weren't so comfortble. Yet I still decided to walk the strip in them... huge mistake. When we got back to our hotel both my big toes were numb and purple. Time passed and eventually they fell off. It was disgusting. I didn't wear open toed shoes forever.
    The second time it happened I was in my kickboxing class. I kicked the bag, and felt some pain. I figured I just stubbed my toe or something. Well, when I got home I took my shoe off to find the horror of my big toe nail hanging on by a thread... just when it had finally grown back :sad:
    Sad times...
  9. I *just* had this happen to me last night-- mine is a good ol case of the tennis toe! Mine was pretty loose, so I picked at it, (TMI-grossness), and then just removed the whole damn thing. I do have a half nail already under there, so that is good!
  10. I've had this happen several times. By the time the old nail falls off, the new one is growing back in. It has ridges at first, but then grows in normally.
  11. LOL - I just lost a baby one today, ironic.
  12. I dropped a heavy plate on mine one time and it turned black from the blood pooled underneath it and then a few months later it fell off after the new one started growing in under it. I did go to a salon and have an artificial nail put on and guess what---I got a fungus that 2 years later I cannot get rid of. So take the advice of not putting one on.
  13. I used to dance ballet professionally and I lost my pinky toenail - it never came back. I just paint a little bit of nailpolish wear the nail should be and no one ever notices.
  14. Eww....feet....I ended up losing a toenail because I wore improper running shoes. I think the new growth is thicker than normal.
  15. Yep. I used to dance, so it was an occupational hazard.

    Just be careful and keep the toe protected while it's growing. Also, be aware that the toe's going to be sensitive.

    And make sure that it gets lots of air as well.