Anyone ever heard this? Made in USA

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  1. Hello Everyone- I went last night to get my Monogram Speedy 30 but they only had one and it's made in USA so I didn't get it. Nothing against made in USA, I live in the USA but I want one made in France or Spain.

    The SA suggested that I keep checking back since they get new stuff twice per week. I called another LV store today in another city and the SA told me, unless there's a shortage, the Speedy 30s they get are made in USA since they're easy to make in the US.

    Has anyone ever heard this?
  2. My SA told me that if the bag is less than $2k, it will likely be Made in USA
  3. last wk i went to get an azur 30 - they only had 3 & all were made in usa...
  4. Most Speedys (and other LV's) that are sold in the USA are Made in USA now.
  5. yeas, its the same with the NF. becasue they are in high demand and production- they get made here in the us- but i was also assured that all of the fabric is shipped from france and they are alos made by hand anyway. i still feel its worth it but do notice that whenever i get a rare-r piece (like my eva, beaubourg and most of my SLG's) they are all made in france or spain
  6. I never heard this. I guess I assumed the stores would have a selection. Two of my bags are made in France (Petit Bucket and Pochette Bosphore) and one is made in USA (Alma).
    ...such a disappointment :sad:
  7. i wonder if people from europe or other countries request for bags that are made in the USA.. hmmm?
  8. yhea.... i woudl wait til i get mine that made in PARIS...
  9. They are out there, I got my speedy ebene 30 at a boutique in South Florida and it is made in Paris.
  10. Definitely! In Japan people go crazy for US made products.:biggrin:
  11. Maybe my SA was to lazy to look!!
  12. It doesnt matter to me. Louis is Louis no matter what the stamp says.
  13. My Speedy 30, which I bought last year, is made in the US, also.
  14. ...Just my personal preference, though not a deal breaker if I have no choice. I'll continue my search...for a little while. Made in France :tender:
  15. my monogram neverfull is made in France,, I looked right when I got it,I like that it's made in france,, my pochette accessories is made in USA though lol