Anyone ever heard or Sofia C. from Italy?

  1. I found a pretty white bag with a tag Sofia C., the tags are in Italian and price in Euros, the inside tag says made in Italy. I found it at Marshalls. It is very buttery glazed leather and seems to be cute for the spring/summer. Anyway I would like to know if anyone here has ever heard of the brand and if the quality is any good?? Thanks!
  2. I believe that they are made by an Italian company called Carbotti handbags.;)
  3. ^^Thank you, I'll try searching that! I think I like the bag and it is a really good price.
  4. I just found a purse at TJ Maxx yesterday from Sofia C. It is gorgeous! A dusky pink that will go with anything. It looks like great quality. It has what could be a website on the tag - If the one you spotted is as nice as this one - grab it!
  5. I ended up not getting it because it was really white and knowing wouldn't be really white for long. It was very nice leather for the price though and really cute. Now Pink sounds nice!!
  6. They are really cute bags.
  7. I just found a gorgeous Sofia C Black Patent Leather bag at TJ Maxx. I bought it for work because my laptop will fit in it. I'm curious to know what the original retail price is because I've never heard of this brand before. I checked the site that was posted before and that company has quite a few brands under them.
  8. Saw them by Googling. Beautiful!
  9. I've seen these at TJ Maxx and Marshalls too. I always find myself gravitating toward those bags of all the ones that are in the throng. I haven't taken the plunge though.
  10. I found a lime green bag by Sofia C. from TJ Maxx for $150. I am really tempted to get it but feel $150 is a little high. Is it worth $150? I am not familiar with Sofia C but love the way the leather feels.
  11. I swear I found that same green purse today and I'm doing the same debate. LOVE that purse but $150 seems like a lot for a brand I'm not familiar with. You can tell that it's well made tho so I'm thinking I might bite the bullet. I don't like carrying the same purse as everyone else!
  12. I also have seen Sofia C. at TJM/Marshall's I find the styles to be cute but just not right for me. Also I have noticed alot of European brands there lately, with higher price tags than I thought they would be at TJM/Marshall's. I saw an L'incontro slim leather tote for $229.00, granted the leather and workmanship were great but for the size of that bag it was not worth that much.
  13. Anybody know the website for L'Incontro Italian pocketbooks? I googled the name but nothing comes up!
  14. I found an amazing Sofia C bag at Tj's and I absolutely love it. It is white patent leather and when i bought it, it had some small black marks on the bottom of it. They wiped right of with a baby wipe! :smile:
    (and because it was marked up on the bottom, it was marked down to $59!)
    its a huge bag, it carries everything, and i couldn't of spent that money any better! I absolutely loveee the bag. It has held up so well!

    If you find one of these bags for $200.00 or less, and you like the style, GO FOR IT!
  15. I got a Sofia C brown leather bag at TJMAXX and the leather was so soft. I really love it.