Anyone ever heard of the Malesherbes Sparte bag?

  1. i like it but dont love it, mabe the color is too drab? i have never heard or seen this line before so i couldnt tell you if its authentic or not, but i am a relatively new lv fan (about 2 years) try using to translate the text to english it might not be perfect but ull get an idea of what it says?
  2. This bag confuses me. I have never seen a Malesherbes like this before. The Malesherbes I see are usually epi, monogram, and sometimes damier. Perhaps it is a special edition; it seems like it is 1/4 epi (where the LV logo is). The stamp looks good, but I didn't see a "made in france" below the Louis Vuitton.
  3. I've never heard of this bag before. Wow. It looks really nice.
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