anyone ever heard of Samantha Thavasa?

  1. Hi guys...I am new to this forum but a bag lover like you all! I just came back from a vacation in Japan and brought back a beautiful black leather metal studded bag from Samantha Thavasa - its such a big name in japan and apparently very very popular! Just wondering if you have all heard of it or know it - I think they are available in some big dept stores in the US or something! Anyone familiar with this brand?
  2. I think Nikki Hilton designed some of the bags for her right?
  3. yeah... Chick by Nikki Hilton or something like that, right?
    always thought the 'star' bags were kinda cute... but i've never seen one 'in the flesh' before..
  4. Could you post pictures maybe?
  5. yeah i've seen some really cute ones on eBay - esp. the black one with the silver stars! that looks like an awesome evening bag!!!
  6. Bought 2 bags fr them last yr when i was in Tokyo, One was a Victoria Beckham's bag, real nice leather but quite pricey. They hv really nice range of bags in leather and canvas.
  7. Samantha Thavasa is a famous brand!! Nicky hilton design some of the collections in the past and Paris and Nicky were being made the ambassadors for the range of handbags. When they went to Japan, all the japanese were crazy for them!!
  8. thanks so much for your input! I will try to get a picture of my bag but I'm not really technology savvy so not sure how to load them. I saw some ST bags on ebay but the one I bought looks alot more mature than those with stars in wild colors. Mine is a black leather tote with matte bronze studs...i really like it alot and in Japan they carry this line in all colors!
  9. Samantha Thavasa bags are really cute... especially the ones that weren't designed by Nicky Hilton.

    there was a purple bag that I posted a while back... they're way popular overseas... but not available so much in the US... apparently there's a new store on Madison ave. Haven't had time to swing by yet.
  10. It seems like all the ones the Hiltons did had the number 7 on them or stars.
  11. That's cute, and I don't agree with the top blog comment that it's only for under 25's, I'm 35 and would carry it and (not comparing with self!) I can see Gwen Stefani wearing it as well.

  12. Beyonce did an ad campaign for them.. the brand has some really nice bags, I'm not so much a fan of the Nicky Hilton bags though.
  13. I got two of the Nicky Hilton ones..small white hobo with stars and the large black hobo with stars at Kitson last year. Those were my favorites and they're great to take in the rain and I use them as my "throw around" bags. They're also really cute :smile:

    The ones I DIDN'T like were the same styled hobo ones with the hearts or the 7 ones..I think the stars were the cutest.
  14. lvbabydoll - Are they made out of real leather? Kitson online didn't disclose that info the last time I checked if I'm not mistaken?