Anyone ever heard of Sabina Handbags????

  1. I found this gorgeous bag on Urban Outfitters and its by Sabina...I was wondering if anyone owned one of her bags or know anything about the quality.

  2. Sabina makes great bags. Usually they are kind of "derivative" other designers bags. This one was inspired by a bag by costume national. I like their things though.
  3. I like their Sabina convertible tote but was wondering about the quality as well.
  4. bumping for more replies
  5. Has anyone gotten this Sabina Satchel? It's available in a lovely "Jean" color and I am SOOO tempted. I'm jones'n for a large, leather tote even though I'm a small bag girl... this looks like something perfect for taking on a flight... thoughts???
  6. yes i bought the exact bag in the picture about a month ago and i love it! i had to think long and hard about it since the brand isn't very popular and isn't sold in many places. however, i finally did and couldn't be any happier! it's very good quality but it is a little heavier than most purses. i don't really have anything else bad to say about it except that the top opening is narrower than the bottom of the bag. it really isn't that big of a problem and doesn't make me love this bag any less! even thinking about getting another in a different color!
  7. Do a search for "Sabina purple" in this subforum. You'll find plenty posts on this popular Sabina bag that a lot of tPFers really liked. That'll give you additional input, I hope!
  8. I've never heard of them before but I like what I see :smile:
  9. When I worked at DSW, we had alot of Sabina bags. They were considered our "higher end" bags because they were the most expensive. They had special sensors on them and were chained to their display case.

    They were all beautiful, and the leather was sooo soft
  10. I think Anthropologie carries some also.
  11. So you would recommend them Magdeline? Are they worth the price?
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    I have the satchel pictured in the original post. The leather is good - thick and soft; however, the grain texture is uneven and so is the dye - one side of the bag is lighter in tone than the other. It doesn't bother me that much, though, considering the bag is supposed to have that worn look. Style-wise, the design is easy-to-wear yet fashionable without the look of trying too hard. It goes well with virtually everything. Thumbs up from me.

    I'll post some modeling pics soon.
  13. I just did a search for this brand because I saw them on and fell in love with a few styles. I've never heard of this brand before either.
  14. I have a Sabina bag, but it's one that has two zippered pockets on the front (also from UO). However, I will be returning it because the black silk lining rubs off on light-colored items. The leather I find to be very soft, however the gold finish tends to scratch off VERY easily-I used it a couple of times and the gold finish on the bottom "feet" shows signs of wear already. I won't be able to return it as a "regular" item since it's clearly used, so I'm going to be returning it as defective (because of the lining).
    I'm trying to order a Treesje on sale instead-the price difference isn't much higher and I think the quality is much better.
  15. Bump. I just got a Sabina and never usually buy anything but Hayden Harnett and it is beautiful. The leather is super soft and the color is really rich. So far it seems like it's a good quality bag. I really love the shape and design.