Anyone ever heard of PINKO ?

  1. I saw this brand boutique today during my shopping time and I think some of their clothes and bags are nice.

    Anyone know this brand and what do you think about it?
  2. I hadn't heard of it, I went to the website and they have stores across Europe but not in the States. Looks cute though? Did you buy anything?
  3. I have a bunch of Pinko clothes - very feminine and great quality. Never seen any of their bags though, must be lovely too!
  4. We have Pinko here in Italy my friend!!! Never purchased before,but i know we have them here!:yes::heart:
  5. When I was on vacation in Italy there were Pinko stores everywhere.

    Also, awhile back Pinko tote bags were really big with the Hollywood crowd.
  6. Yes, Pinko is an Italian designer. It has 410 stores in Italy. But not seen their handbags.
  7. I know once it was a big hit and many celebrities carried it. I just wanna know some comments from you guys :tup:
  8. :p

    Thank you Stefy for your reply and Happy New Year ma friend :flowers: