Anyone ever heard of "Lauderdale" Style?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a Burberry Lauderdale purse today for an extra 25% off of the sale price -- thanks TPF ladies! Has anyone ever seen this bag? It's a hobo style with brass hardware and little brass bars going across it in columns. I did some searches but didn't come up with much. Mine is in the trench color, but I see it online in a silver color in some unknown websites. It is made in Italy and was originally $2400+ and I got it for $900. Could that be right??? I've never had a hobo before. I have the Manor and patent Beaton...more satchel styles.

    I would love to know if anyone has seen this particular style.
  2. Here is a pic in a metallic color of it. Mine is trench color. Hardware is brass instead of silver.


    Oops. Not sure why my picture didn't come in.
  3. This is a pic of the bag in metallic from a website. Mine is trench with brass hardware. Since I've never seen it on the Burberry Catwalk here or much anywhere else, I wonder how this Burberry store had it. It's made in Italy and was originally $2400+. I paid $900.
  4. Congrats! It's gorgeous! :tup:
  5. Thanks! It has kind of a diffferent look for a Burberry, doesn't it?