Anyone ever heard of LANCEL or LANCASTER Brand Bags?

  1. I saw these 2 brands when I was overseas.....just wondering if you own either of these brands?

    Your opinions please?
  2. I've seen Lancel in France. No other info though...
  3. Lancel is similar to Longchamp in style and price, I think.
  4. I have several lancel bags. I love the brand - they're very stylish and excellent quality. Most of the French women that I've spoken with about bags say that lancel is a bit more upscale than longchamp. From what I've heard, I think you could compare the basic longchamp to basic coach and basic lancel to basic prada.
  5. I've seen Lancel at Marshalls and TJMaxx, they appear to be very well made bags. Lancel is def. a french brand.
  6. Lancel at Marshalls and TJMaxx? How? Where? I've been dying to get more but I haven't been over to France in a while. I'm really surprised that they're being sold in the US other than at duty-free shops.
  7. Lancel is a French luggage and handbag maker. I would agree that it is slightly more upscale than Longchamp. Their boutiques in France are very chic, and the bags are beautiful and well-made. I have a large weekender duffel (black nylon with brown leather trim) and a matching bowler satchel. I :heart: them, and no one else in the US has them!
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies.
    I wasn't sure how they compared to other French brands....
  9. There were Lancel boutiques at upscale malls here, we had one in Orlando when the Mall of Millenia first opened, it closed shortly after opening......but I don't think they were extremely successful in the US market. I really liked some of their styles. A nice French design.
  10. my dad got me a suede hobo bag when he was in london. (: its really pretty, and i'd say its sturdy. (:
  11. I used to own a Lancel bag and wallet. Great price and style IMO. Comparable to Furla and Longchamp in price.
  12. never heard it before. But find it on eBay. They are cool.
  13. They are pretty well known all over Europe, I'd say.
    Had a Longchamps, one of the traveler totes that folds, but it was stolen from my hotel room in Monaco while I was staying there, believe it or not!
    I was so flabbergasted I never even mentioned it to anyone at the hotel!

  14. But since longchamps is not one of the brands you were asking about, that is TOTALLY besides the point. Sorry!!!!!