Anyone ever heard of Giani Benini?

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  1. Anyone know of that brand? I'm not sure I got the spelling right, but I was checking out the department stores and there was one style they had of that line that I liked, but the stitching was pretty terrible. Was wondering if anyone had any feedback. . .? Thanks guys!
  2. I think it might be Gianni Bini? Im not sure about their bags but I have a pair of shoes that are pretty well made,
  3. I've seen this line of bags at Dillards. Is it their house brand, perhaps? Can't vouch for quality, though.
  4. There is a brand called Gianni Bernini sold at various department stores. Real leather but definitely on the lower end of the quality scale. But...the prices are cheap so you pretty much get what you pay for. Personally, I think you can get a much nicer bag in a similar price range by watching for sales, etc.
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Gianni Bini is sold only at Dillards and the quality of leather is great, very well made even for the low price!!!
  7. Gianni Bini has very well made handbags. I have 2 handbags, thick leather, very well made.
  8. Just got 2 Giani Berninis at TJ Maxx. Lovely leather in black and the other a fantastic rich purple. Love them!
  9. They also sell them at Macy's too. You can get a really good deal on them if you wait for the FF sale.