Anyone ever heard of Diamond in the Rough??

  1. So after seeing a magazine ad I stumbled onto Everything is gorgeous and soooo different--especially the rings!!

    Has anyone ever seen any pieces from this line IRL? I'd also love to see some modeling pics if anyone owns a piece from the collection!
  2. Yeh!! I have seen this sort of thing before,was done sooooo long before any cutting was thought of and refined,I think that some of the really old ones I have seen are just lovely!!!
  3. Those are much better then a previous thread on here. I actually like some of these.
    I still believe most of the stones are to crappy to cut & polish. But someone figured out a way to sell them & probably at a premium. Capitalism at work. Good for them.
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    lolol! i think youre on the ball long legs!!!!
  5. I saw Kelly Clarkson wearing Diamond in the Rough earrings on the cover of a mag IDK maybe a year ago and I fell in love with them. I might actually prefer them to regular diamonds...

  6. That was exactly what I thought while looking at them! But some of the pieces are very pretty.
  7. I hadn't even thought of that, but I bet you are correct!!!
  8. ^ They're a LOT cheaper. It's not like they're charging you for a 2ct flawless cut stone and giving you a piece of junk. I've seen 10ct rough cut sapphire and emerald rings for <$50. Diamond in the Rough pieces are obviously more, because they're diamonds and they have intricate pave settings, but it's still very different than buying a regular polished stone...
  9. I agree, while I think the pieces are very fun and different, I think for the money I'd be more inclined to buy a polished stone. Who know if uncut stones will ever gain popularity.