Anyone ever heard of/bought from


Apr 8, 2007
Hi all - been on a massive search for a particular pair of Uggs, and the only place I can seem to find them is a site called Here's the link:
Has anyone ever heard of them, or bought from them? I tried to check them out, but can't find much info. It makes me a little nervous that the items are shipped from a warehouse in China! At least that's what it says....but the photos look like they've been taken in some strange settings. Any input appreciated! Thanks.


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Dec 14, 2007
:tup:Hi Yes,
I did the same as you I searched the internet for ugg boots, this company came up the best for value.

Unlike you though I did not read the small print and ordered two pairs of ugg boots.
(After paying through paypal, this way my purchase was protected) I noticed through the the postal tracking that were coming from china, I sent them an email asking if they were real ugg boots, they stated they were not fakes!.

I received my ugg boots on the 10/12/07 after ordering them on 26/11/07 , which I felt wasn't too long a wait. The boots had all the authentic markings.
The only problem I could see was I ordered two pairs for my daughters for Christmas, but only received one.
I emailed them, which they responded to very quickly and stated they were sorry and will try to get my other pair to me by the 21st DEC 07.
They are not how shall I say this, um they write very little when responding to emails.
However, I am happy with my purchase.
kind regards Gill