Anyone ever Hear of SPANX Bod-a-Bing! Cropped Pants??

  1. I was browsing the SPANX website this afternoon because I need a pair of footless tights, and came across their wardrobe section which has clothing that's supposed to give you a slimmer appearance - They have a pencil skirt and these Cropped Pants (as well as full length pants)

    Has anyone ever seen these in the store? Or perhaps you own a pair? Anybody know anything about these?

    It's hard to tell from the pics, but I wondered if these are pull-on pants (sort of like leggings) with no zippers, buttons or flies??!stmenu_template.main?
  2. I have the full length pants and the pencil skirt. I love them both. Everyone always raves about my outfit when I am wearing the skirt - it is VERY flattering (by far my most flattering skirt). The pants have a loose layer over the spanx piece. It looks good when paired with the right top, but every time I wear them someone asks if I lost weight. They are both in my short list of best purchases ever. I do like the skirt better as it is more stylish (although a very basic piece).
  3. are the pants a pull-on style w/o a zipper, fly or button? How do they run - True to size?
    are they comfortable?
  4. They are pull on style with no zipper. They are true to size - they will feel snug but will not look snug. I ordered both the pants and skirt online and my size fit. I am very comfortable in them!