Anyone ever have problems returning at bluefly?

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  1. I bought something early Nov and returned it the next day with a tracking number. The tracking number confirmed that they receievd it on the 7th, but bluefly is taking forever to process it and it's not even reflected in my account. I jsut want to know, has anyone ever experienced this? Because they tout "hassle-free returns" and i feel like this is one big hassle.
  2. I know exactly where you're coming from, but relax, I'm sure it will eventually will be fine. This happened to me a couple of months ago. Once they received it in their warehouse, it took at least a couple of weeks for my card to be credited. I shop online all the time and I had never had a return take so long. Plus, when you figure Thanksgiving in there too, that probably slowed them down even more. They'll send you an e-mail when they've processed your return. Don't forget to check your spam folder because sometimes things like that go there and you never get it if you don't check.
  3. Bluefly just stinks. I try not to order from them, i returned something once and it took about 5 weeks for them to credit my card. Just totally unnecessary compared with everyone else's return response time.
  4. That's exactly what I've been feeling. I was shopping there twice a week for a while. But ever since this, I've boycotted them.
  5. I've never had a problem with returns, but I have noticed that their shipping time seems to be longer these days. I purchased a Fendi bag to be shipped to CA and it took about 2 weeks.
  6. I returned an item to Bluefly and yes it does take a very long time. They eventually send you a confirmation email telling you how much they are crediting back to your card. However, they don't credit the full amount back to you. They charge for the initial shipping and return shipping as well. I don't think I'll buy from them again.
  7. I returned an order to them via UPS and my return was processed within a week. I guess I just got lucky. Have you tried calling them? Neiman Marcus takes FOREVER to process returns.
  8. Does Neiman's take so long so that you accrue more finance charges on your card (assuming you used the Neiman's card)? There's no grace period w/the Neiman's card, is there?
  9. After they illegally sold me fake merchandise, Bluefly processed my return and credited my card very quickly. :Push:

    I would never buy from them again.

    Return processing is extruciatingly slow at Neimies though, in my experience.
  10. OMG thank you so much for giving me yet another reason not to give business to certain online establishments
  11. I am scared of Bluefly!! I say beware! I am sure you will get your money back but I am hesitant to shop from them, they don't have the best reputation!!
  12. Really? They sold you fake merchandise? Some of their chanel and pradas do look questionable... I filed a complaint through my CC. Maybe they'll help expedite it.
  13. i shipped back a coat on november 10th and i haven't received credit yet. i called them on november 22nd and the customer service rep said that i need to wait for their warehouse to process the return. i don't know why it's taking so long for them to even acknowledge receipt of the package. my credit card was credited quickly the last time i made a return with bluefly (a few years ago). maybe their service is getting worse? :shrugs: i hope i get my money back. i already paid for the coat to avoid getting finance charges on my credit card.
  14. That's exactly what happened to me. She said that it takes 10-15 days or something to even credit. And that I had to wait until the 28th. I told her I even had a tracking number. She asked me what it was and told me that they did recieve it. it sounded like she was making up her response to me. That's why i let discover card handle it. If bluefly is going to hold on to our money as long as they can, they're not going to hold on to my business.
  15. I returned an item to bluefly before and it usually takes them at most 30 days to credit the $ back to my c/c.