Anyone Ever Had Shoes **repaired**

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  1. I have a pair of dress boots that i :heart: , but I took them out and noticed that on one of them, the heel is loose. When I walk I feel like it might just fall off. I took a closer look and the heel is not coming off, but it is just loose (it will move back and forth slightly) So i was wondering Is it worth is to go get it repaired at a shoe repair shop? or just buy another pair? These boots are so comfortable, and I can't seem to find another pair of boots as comfy :tdown:

    [​IMG] Their like this, but SHORT!

    Suggestions NEEDED PLEASE!!
  2. Take them to a cobbler. It shouldn't cost too much to repair a heel. I've never had it done, but it's a simple fix that I can't imagine would cost more than $30.